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  • alexroseinnes

    awesome post, god I’m excited. Sadly there is no chance of rain AGAIN.

    • MadBlack

      Don’t count the chickens before they hatch. Faith brother!

  • Nathen

    great pics… has there ever been a tougher bastard then Sean Kelly???

  • Roobaix

    Hinualt’s win for mine is the best, considering the Roubaix specialists left in the wake of his at times ferocious sprint.

  • Ronan O’Connor

    I’m all for innovation, but wearing a skinsuit in Roubaix looks wrong.

  • jbal

    That was Viatcheslav Ekimov 2nd Peter Van Petegem 1st , there is an error in description

    • Anon

      Indeed it is Ekimov in the photo behind PVP, but he came 3rd in the race. Dario Pieri was 2nd but out of view.

  • Donald Young

    Wet till Sunday though so it’ll be a bit mucky and slippy…… doesn’t matter it ALWAYS the best one day race of the year!!

  • Sean

    I couldn’t believe Hayman won that race. I was on the finishing straight with an SLR camera and didn’t take a single photo of the finish – shock, excitement, emotion, screaming and cheering != photo. damn.

  • Patrick Murphy

    You can see the class of Boonen in that picture, looking at Hayman and basically thinking “Enjoy it mate, you earned it”.

    • Ashok Captain

      Absolutely agree. : D

  • DaveRides

    Rider #237 in the pic of the 2005 pileup should be shot for those tights.

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is the look of a man who is confident in his blood values.



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