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  • OverIt

    Pity no split drive side seat stay on the Crocket for a belt drive… I was all excited until seeing that omission. :(

    • JJ

      why would you put a belt drive on it? seems like an unnecessary weight penalty for no real advantage over a normal chain?

  • RayG
  • Brian McKeown

    Nice to see how Sea Otter has basically made Las Vegas trade show obsolete as an IBD why the hell would we ever bother going to interbike when all the new shit is basically launched at SE. BTW if that Easton power meter is a big a piece of crap as the rest of Easton’s bike product save your money or just go burn 1150 us dollars zero customer/dealer service in my 25 years of experience.

    • jon

      Well, for one, Monterey, CA has no casinos, buffets, strippers (male & female), buckwild gun ranges where you can shoot .50 cal, and last but not least a studded history of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. I’m all for letting the bright-light city to sin my soul.

      • Wily_Quixote

        Monterey has nice seals and chowder….

        • Cameron Harris

          Just not in the same bowl.

  • jon

    Dang Niner, say it ain’t so……

    • Giuseppe Magnetico

      Funny how anytime someone affixes a drop bar on a mtb it always creates controversy…Oh well.

  • AllanR

    Nice bumping into you today James. My first one of these, thought it was pretty neat. The one thing that struck me is the explosion of ebikes, especially eMTB. Seemed like everywhere I turned, there was some ebike booth. Have to wonder if this may cause access issues going forward, as more and more of these are brought into wilderness areas.

    Anyway, great report as always, I get to see some of the stuff I missed (though I tried to pass by all the booths!)


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