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  • sket

    Quality insight. The post-production tales make you appreciate it just that bit more!

  • jules

    was a worthy film! great story. sounds like hard work!

  • Mark Blackwell

    I was waiting to read about the tension that seemed to exist between the riders (particularly Gus) and the crew on the massive climbing day. Maybe that was just in the moment rather than anything lasting or real… I can certainly imagine it being so, but seemed pretty real when I was watching it.

    Great job on the film. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • German Londoño

    I just purchased it. I had to. It is a must for me as a Colombian recreational cyclist. It must be a great film and I find it will be a revealing eye on a side of my country that I don’t even know yet. This will hopefullly give me motivation to keep riding here.

  • andygowans

    I enjoyed the first two a lot more then this one. The lack of a destination made this one feel a little aimless. Having a destination provides it’s own drama and sense of achievement. Like riding to the rock or a trip from Boulder to Moab. I also felt the director was much too visible and part of the story. For me Thereabouts is about the Morton brothers (and friends) doing epic shit. It’s their story i’m interested in and not the directors.


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