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  • One of the best pieces on CT in a long time, chapeau!

  • anyoldbike

    really enjoyed this article. A great reward for being prepared to take the risk too.

  • Craig

    Kudos to you . . . inspiring! :-)

    • Thank you, Craig! I am glad to hear the article inspired you.

  • d;

    I wish it was longer. Come back again soon please Monika.

    • Simone Giuliani

      Monika’s got some fantastic cycling adventures planned in Europe that she is going to continue sharing with us over the coming months.

    • Thank you for your kind words. A lot of adventures are planned from solo ultra-light bikepacking trips to cross-country cycling races.

      Life is whatever you make of it – make it an adventure! :)

  • Lach

    I can only echo the other comments. Would of happily read a more detailed article! Great work :)

  • erin_2503

    Enjoyed reading, thanks!
    The same group ride every day at 9am?? And they’re not a club? I would happily read more detail about the weekly dynamic, composition and logistics of the group (logistics sounds boring…maybe I’m too nerdy but my curiosity is piqued).

    Just saw another of your posts, popping over to read that now :-)

  • winkybiker

    I wish I had a job that let me gather at 9:00am every day for a ride. Nice article.

  • 2wheelsandme

    Wonderful! Wonderful! Oh to dream of Spain…

  • Cruz er

    Love this article. This is cycling.

  • Eric Hancock

    Love this. Very jealous of the riding there.

  • Very cool. What’s next?

  • jules

    great piece Monika. the romantic in all of us would love to do something like that

  • De Mac

    Great article (as was the one published in the cycling magazine recently) and I agree – cycling is universal and wherever one travels, there will always be a bunch who are willing to share their passion with a fellow cyclist – chapeau Monika!

  • Valiant Abello

    Inspiring read.

  • Bobbie DuBose

    I love your spirit, Monika. Thx for sharing this awesome adventure. Cycling folks are truly the best folks.


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