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Your Wednesday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

April 19, 2017

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Dennis takes stage win, Pinot leads at Tour of the Alps; Modolo sprints to win at Tour of Croatia opener; Gilbert out of Giro d’Italia; Greg Van Avermaet felt ‘let down by the team’ at Amstel Gold Race; 2018 UCI Road World Championship course could be toughest in history; Western Australia to push for new laws for cyclist safety; Appeal denied for driver who made gun gesture at cyclist, BBC presenter; Community rallies to replace bike stolen from elderly woman; Video: Riders ride through roundabout at Tour of Croatia; Video: Canyon/SRAM ready for La Fléche Wallonne; Video: 2017 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup; Video: Don’t Forget Fun with Team Wooly Mammoth.

Dennis takes stage win, Pinot leads at Tour of the Alps

by Mark Zalewski

Rohan Dennis (BMC) took an uphill sprint win on the second stage of Tour of the Alps, with rival Thibaut Pinot (FDJ) finishing just behind him to take over the race lead. Davide Ballerini (Androni Giocattoli) finished in third.

The stage was shortened by 40 kilometres due to cold and snowfall on the course, with organisers worried about traversing the iconic Europa Bridge in the weather.

That resulted in a stage length of 140.4km and attacks going straight from the flag drop. However, that also made breakaways tough to go by as the peloton chased every one of them.

On the final climb Alexander Foliforov (Gazprom-Rusvelo) put in the first attack and immediately built a gap. He was eventually joined by Mikel Landa (Sky), Damiano Caruso (BMC) and Stefano Pirazzi (Bardiani-CSF) while Cannondale-Drapac set tempo back in the peloton and the gap was eliminated.

Dennis opened up his sprint early and took the inside line, proving to be the strongest as he held it and won by a couple bike lengths over Pinot.

Stage 2: Vipiteno > Innervillgraten - Stage Result

Tuesday 18th April 2017

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PINOT Thibaut
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Androni Giocattoli
  • jon

    Don’t know what to make of GvA’s statement. He’s having a successful season so far, he’s won races similar to Amstel Gold. For him to say he’s let down by the team is kind of BS. I don’t think I have heard Sagan complain about his team this season, at least not on here or other press outlets. Poor form.

    • cthenn

      That’s not going to endear him to his teammates one bit.

    • Bex

      All depends on what the plan was. If he was supposed to have guys with him at the end, i think it’s a fair comment. Team mates are always thanked profusely when the leader gets a win, why wouldn’t they be mentioned if things aren’t done to plan. We always talk about certain leaders needing more team mates or doing it on their own, when the leader themselves makes such a comment its poor form?

      • jon

        If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that in the event of bad tactics, team leader has the right to feel “being let-down”? BMC DS already came out about their “failed tactic” at Amstel Gold. In any case, I still don’t think GvA should go off to the press in that manner. What does that bring him? he won several races this season already, his team mates have delivered him on those occasions. Such that, is GvA suggesting that under the right team tactic and that there is one last guy that will deliver him in the end, then he’s guaranteeing that he will deliver the win? I’d like to see what he has to say if he’s the one that fails in the end. Nothing is ever perfect; the team leader is as responsible for the win as the rest of the team. If he is the champion that he think he is, go at it with some gusto and show the rest of the world what he’s made of.

        • Bex

          all i’m saying is it’s his right to make a comment on the way the team rode. They say the tactics were bad, but it was also said that Oss (or two of his team) was supposed to be there in the final for him. They weren’t therefore it wasn’t just tactics that were bad. I don’t see how you can say it’s poor form for him to comment when things don’t go well yet, expect him to comment if things do go well.
          Personally i wouldn’t be saying anything but positive comments about my team mates in public. I also don’t think he said anything too extreme or unfair or singled anyone out so can’t see how it’s a big deal.

          • jon

            BMC DS openly admitted that they burned all the matches at the start which left no one else for the finally. Fundamentally, GvA can say whatever he sees fit. We’re debating rhetorics. Like you, I’d only say positive things about the team as well, after all it’s only the hand that’s feeding GvA. This is what I would’ve said “Our tactics didn’t work today. We’ll do some soul searching tonite, and see what’s a better method moving forward. The season has been great. Without my teammates I would’ve been in this position. For sure I’m disappointed with how the race unfolded, but that’s racing. We’ll try again at the next race. Thank you for the question.” You know who is really good at this? Nicky Hayden, the former MotoGP Champion (2006). He refuses to throw his then teammate, Dani Pedrosa under the bus even after Dani crashed out and took Nicky out of a race when he was contending for the title that season.

  • cthenn

    This is all in good fun, but those Wooly Mammoth kits are just horrendous!

    • Mark Zalewski

      Precisely the point, I imagine!

    • Sean Parchem

      Aren’t they awesome! I love that they are so different. I think sometimes we (cyclist) sometimes take our kits a bit too seriously. I’ll have to give a thumbs down to the hipster smoking on the bike.

    • Superpilot

      Watch out, it’s the fashion 5-0!

  • Anto, NZ

    So that ‘new’ piece from Danny Macaskill; it says it’s dropping on 27th May 2014! Glad to see you guys have got it covered :-)

  • Andy B

    Is the tour of the alps link the wrong one?
    looks like yesterdays stage
    sorry if it states that, I have the attention span of a 2 year old today and cant read

    • Bex

      i was so excited watching it and waiting for Dennis to come around them at the end. the gap didn’t seem to be coming down so i knew it was going to be close and one almighty effort was coming. dawned on me after when he didn’t win that it was yesterdays stage.

      • Andy B

        Initially I had the same thought “‘he seems out of position here”
        Then i had myself convinced that they were going for a sprint even though there must of been another lap of a circuit to go


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