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  • Roger Grierson

    Good god, that was the most horrific and one eyed commentary I have ever listened to

    • Douglas Macarthy

      George is happy,,,,why not be happy for him,the guy love racing his bike,hope he can win

      • Sean

        George will be one of the best winners that race has seen if he can hold on.

        • Neal Rogers

          I agree. He’s a great guy. I do think he’ll hold on. Stage profile is mostly downhill, and there are five major sprint teams here, including three that haven’t won anything.

    • Sean

      The commentary was so focused on Andrew Talansky even though it was clear he wasn’t close to be leading the GC. It’s more proof those two need to retire. The coverage is basically rubbish, the silly tickers they have running are beyond retarded. Camera work from motos is also a joke, it’s often zoomed in too much, I can’t watch this anymore.

  • Jackson

    Would be stoked if George Bennett can take it out for us NZers. Seems like a great guy, very appreciative of his team and he always races aggressively. Can’t think of a guy who deserves a big win more.


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