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  • Maximus

    Save 10g more and don’t bother with a compression plug once you’ve tightened your stem.

    “That’s akin to taking a standard 7kg road bike and reducing its weight to 0kg”

    • James Huang

      Careful with that. Once the compression plug is removed, the steerer is allowed to shrink a bit under the force of the stem clamp, which effectively reduces the tightness of the stem bolts.

  • HamishM

    Could there possibly be a better example of a first world problem than a 40g headset plug being too heavy?

    • Yetiman

      I’m a self confessed weight weenies and OCD, 40 g is a massive amount :)

      • HamishM

        If I want to save 30g I’ll go and clean my chain!

        • Le Bistromath

          I’ll fill my bottle 30ml (1 ounce) less

  • When mixed with an extralite topcap you get a system weight of 8g.. and unlike the other 5g expanders it acually works ????

  • ebbe

    Hmm, don’t think I would personally ever use this (also because I use my bike off road quite a lot), but the wedging mechanism seems intriguing. Makes me wonder whether it would be possible to have a hybrid between the “traditional” design and this design: use Can Creek’s wedging mechanism, but with a larger contact area between expander and steerer tube, possibly by means of some sleeve around the wedge. You’d end up with the traditional design (for the metal colored part), but with a lighter wedge mechanism (the black part) inside and on top. Could result in all of the aesthetics improvements, some (but not a lot) of the weight savings and basically no reduced security.

    • James Huang

      I had the same thought (and given our other conversation regarding TRP disc brakes, I’m starting to see a trend!). Even a short cylinder would distribute loads better than this sharp-edged design.

      • ebbe

        Ha nice! Basically the extra sleeve would transform the point pressure (OK, it’s not really a point pressure – more of a double line pressure) into an area pressure. Free design improvement for Cane Creek right here ;-)

      • Andrew

        That was my thought as well! I bet there will be a new revision eventually!

    • OverIt

      My thought’s too, I’m surprised CC would put their name to this. I think it’s bad idea, and doesn’t really look far removed from a metal star nut which we’re told to NEVER use in a carbon steerer, (given it’s very sharp) . Over time, loosening for service, swapping stems, tuning, the edges on this will definitely chew up the inside of the steerer.

      I think the risk of this product being used in older steerers which DO need the internal support against stem hoop loads should have been reason enough to never offer it as a product in fear of future litigation.

  • Roman Kilun

    Alpha Q used to have a nut that was glued in. That actually seems like the most lightweight and safe option.

    • James Huang

      Agreed, that was a great solution, and one that I’d like to see resurrected. It required an overnight wait for the epoxy to cure (which is perhaps why it’s no longer in use), but was otherwise lightweight and solid.

      • Dave Rome

        I too liked that Alpha Q method. Though it wasn’t ideal if you wanted to trim the steerer later on!

        • James Huang

          Sure it was! One of the reasons it was so long was to allow for trimming post-installation. If you needed to shorten the steerer a few millimeters, you could just saw it down as usual. You’d lose the flared edge at the top, but assuming you glued the insert properly, it would still be 100% functional.


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