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  • Nitro

    Awesome ! I’ll be there… but as a Zwift addict I figure you’d already counted me on the list of guaranteed participants !

  • De Mac

    Giddy-up – it’ll be pretzhellicious!!!

    • Nitro

      As someone who’s never been brave enough to tackle the pretzel to date, this is either an awesome opportunity to face my fear, or disappointing that they didn’t chose one lap of the flat loop ! I think I’ll go with the former – but from what I hear, that’s a hard course…

      • Shane Scott

        Me neither so I guess I will be pretzing it up on May 21 better I get some practice in.

      • Ray Lashley

        It’s as hard as you make it. You can go as slow as you like with as many breaks as you like. There’s no time limit, only the need to keep your computer on and program running.

  • Callum Dwyer

    Sounds like it will be fon to do.

  • Kx Jx

    Tomorrow morning peeps! Get on it! :-)

  • Barney Barnett

    Loved the event. Any idea of when official results will be posted?


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