Introducing "true-blue Aussie brand" Tenet Supply

Recently we launched a unique partnership with popular cycling fashion Instagram account and website, Kitwatch, to bring a different perspective to the CyclingTips Emporium. We gave Kitwatch founder Hamish Kirkpatrick the role of guest curator and asked him to share the brands and products he’s loving; brands you may not have heard of before.

First up, Kitwatch brought you a special offer from Austrian brand, brillibrilliant/unicorn. Today, he’s lined up an exclusive launch of Australian brand, Tenet Supply.

Based in Australia’s cycling paradise (think hills), and home of the Tour Down Under, Adelaide, Tenet Supply is as Australian as they come. What interested us about Tenet Supply was the fact that not only is the brand designed in Australia, its products are also 100% made in Australia — a claim that no other Australian cycling apparel brand can make, as far as we’re aware.

We’re pleased to be featuring the complete Tenet Supply range at the Emporium, including the brand’s new Affogato jersey, which appears exclusively for a limited time only.

To find out more about how Tenet Supply is producing kit locally in Australia, and more about the brand’s new kit, Hamish spoke to Tenet Supply’s founders, Lewis Guerin Hanlon (below left) and Victoria Paterson (below right).

Words by Kitwatch | Photography by Tenet Supply.

Being from the land of Oz myself — Kitwatch has a strong Australian focus — I’m super happy to have a true-blue Aussie brand on the store. But beyond Tenet Supply’s provenance, they just make great quality kit and were an easy choice for my second feature brand as guest curator at the CyclingTips Emporium.

Inspired by a love of cycling. Ready for the road, dirt, gravel. Made and designed in Australia. About fun, about quality but with core values that run past the superficial. You can fall in love with Tenet Supply purely on their great design and quality make, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see that co-founders Victoria and Lewis have a real passion for their brand and the values it holds.

Australian made

Yes, as in made in Australia. Not just designed in, or owned by, but made in Australia. What started as Victoria making what she describes as a sub-par kit for Lewis, became a long path of discovery to locally made cycling kit. A choice that Victoria says “stemmed from ethical and environmental reasons.”

This is important for a few reasons; yes it lowers carbon footprint, but just as importantly it ensures higher working standards for the workers making the apparel, while putting money back into the local economy. By creating its apparel locally, Tenet Supply is also able to have more control over the production process, and in turn, minimise waste through greater quality control.

“While a majority of great kit comes from China and Italy there is a lot of grey area around production processes,” Victoria says.

Finding both high-quality and ethical manufacturing wasn’t as easy as Tenet once thought, so it made sense in more ways than one to keep things in Australia.

It is important to note that whilst 100% of the production process takes place in Australia, Tenet Supply’s jersey fabric is sourced from Italy. Italian fabric is synonymous with quality (particularly in the cycling industry) and, for now, there is no local substitute that would achieve the fit the brand is after – one thing it wasn’t going to jeopardise.

The design process

Another really interesting (and fun) move by Tenet Supply is the brand’s approach to design. Playful but considered, without being pretentious. Designs that stand out without being over the top. Ready to race in but at home on a commute. Tenet Supply have their own approach and don’t get caught up in trends.

As they put it: “The print design process can be really elongated, but it usually starts with some kind of inspiration. This could be a piece of modern art, a contemporary fashion collection, a particular architect’s work, nature, anything. Mostly it starts with Victoria’s artwork which is then adapted to a digital print.

“Whatever the inspiration, the design has to connect art, design and cycling. For example, our exclusive Kitwatch x CT Emporium release, the Affogato jersey, is an abstract design adapted from a linocut relief print.”

Affogato exclusive and how the jersey wears

Tenet Supply are releasing their Affogato jersey exclusively on the Kitwatch CT Emporium store. I love this pattern and the way it adapts another favourite of mine, their Gateau jersey – inverting the colours and reinventing the design.

In terms of cut and fit, it’s race cut, but not too extreme, and I feel perfectly at home in this jersey on a commute or coffee ride. The neckline is cut low at the front, but with some length around the sides and back, which makes for a great modern race/casual look. The arms are long with silicon grippers to hold them in place — another modern look. The jersey is mid-weight, making it an all-rounder fit for most of the year, barring the extreme months.

I’m pleased to be featuring the latest jersey from Tenet Supply, the Affogato jersey, exclusively in the CyclingTips Emporium for a limited time only. More of a Gateau fan? You can also find the rest of the Tenet Supply range on the Emporium too.

This content was written for the CyclingTips Emporium.