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  • RayG

    “When I lifted the lid on my Dutch oven, it smelt pretty good”.

    There’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d ever see an Australian write.

  • d;

    A very good peek into life of a Euro pro cyclist, I found it rather interesting, considering that I wasn’t even going to read thinking that typically I’d get mourning all article about hard life is on and off the bike. And that’s a gorgeous loaf of bread, Nick. Oh, the Caja kit is classy cool.

  • jules

    that sourdough looks delicious. thanks for sharing

  • Cruz er

    great diary! Love reading about the training and perspective behind the scenes!

  • dG

    This is more or less along the lines of what we have been suggesting all along: an earnest, no frills, stream-of-consciousness account of a pro’s routine. Keep them coming.

  • Very good read Nick! Thanks for coming aboard! Looking forward to the next one.

  • jackseph

    In my alternative universe fantasy life, I’m living in Gerona, riding every day and eating sourdough bread. Someone stole my dreams!


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