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  • Paolo

    nice but a question rises: where do you get the data from e.g. Quintana? AFAIK his power data is kept private in contrast with others who put this on e.g. strava

    • Stray Spondonicle

      they probably extrapolate to his data from those around him who share the data, because as powerpod power meters prove, power is a speed/resistance equation, just swap the times and weights between two riders, on the same hill, in the same wind conditions, etc, and you’d have a pretty good idea of those power numbers.

  • badhombrebigdo

    Those power averages… sheesh.. to mere mortals they are so impressive beyond words. .

    • Nick Squillari

      Shame Bialoblocki was included, as he crashed early so his time is misleading.

  • Andy B

    Thanks for the reality check

  • Mark Wells

    The telegraph cycling podcast indicated that Thomas did a quicker climb than quintana – anyone know?

    • DaveRides

      I wouldn’t think so. He was shown at around 2:30 behind early on the climb and eventually finished at 5:08 behind Quintana.

      Perhaps they were referring to a different stage?


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