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  • Congratulations to Cosmo for Eurosport recognising his outstanding work and picking him up.

    • Notso Swift

      Anything that means more Cosmo is good

      • Larry @CycleItalia

        +1 BRAVO COSMO, but don’t let the corporate bigwigs kill your snark!!!!

    • noob_sauce

      I almost thought this was a sarcastic comment for a moment till I saw the Mod badge.

  • Mark

    Always worth looking at HTRWW.

  • caliente

    Thanks Cosmo for the breakdown! I would love a more in depth analysis of the stage 1. It looked almost like orica scott let the gap open up hoping for other teams to take chase.

  • David

    Nice analysis, Cosmo, as ever.

  • steven

    love it, thank you

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Note to Cosmo – we’re currently living part-time in Italy and wouldn’t trade for where you or your family live (ie anywhere in the USA) for all the $$ in the world, so in this case your humor comes across as more nasty than snarky. When’s the last time YOU were here?

  • J Evans

    Always a joy.


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