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  • Kellen Hassell

    Sorry, this video cannot be streamed in your country…. despite the fact that its creator is there too. WTF.

    • winkybiker

      Yes. WTF?

      • Graham Hall

        usual story, used to be able to watch this at Cyclocosm, you guy’s buy it and now it’s geo-restricted, good bye Cyclingtips.

        • You automatically blame us? We have nothing to do with it. Eurosport is the one commissioning Cosmo for this and they appear to be geo-blocking it.

          Cosmo looking into it:


        • Larry Theobald

          I don’t think that is fair, Cosmo’s stuff was yanked more than once in the old format.
          BRAVO COSMO though I still cringe every time you say GEE-O-vanny. Visconti’s first name is “JOE-vahnee”

    • al davis
  • Larry Theobald

    Great job, but you should have closed it with “I get by with a little help from my friends”?

  • Ragtag

    I have also got the same error message :( “sorry video can’t be streamed in your country” since when?

  • 2wheelsandme
  • SpaceKnight

    This is a bit underwhelming as the report hardly goes into the heads and motivations of the riders.

  • Josh


  • If the above video is geo-restricted, you can see it here: http://cyclocosm.com/2017/05/how-the-race-was-won-giro-ditalia-2017-stages-16-21/

  • Rob

    Thanks Cosmo! (And Wade)

  • Steve Mcnutt

    Great Synopsis as usual Cosmo. Got my HTRWW fix and all is right with the world.

  • J Evans

    Great stuff, as ever. Interesting the that Dumoulin eshews the usual magic spanners and sticky bottles when chasing back, post-poo poo.
    It’s a refreshing attitude, but why be the only one doing it?
    The UCI continually allows his rules to be broken/bent/ignored – and that very much sets the tone in cycling.

    • truthtopower

      Along with riding behind the team car for prolonged periods.

    • George Darroch

      I suspect he might have suffered more from it than others, particularly as GC leader. Some riders and teams can get away with a lot. Others, less so.

  • truthtopower

    Cosmo, fantastic analysis as usual. Finally someone notes the soft pedalling by the GC guys while TD pulled over. I find it amazing how bad reporting becomes truth when reported often enough.


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