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When we founded CyclingTips in 2008, we set out to share the beauty of cycling and to inspire cyclists of all levels to become better and more knowledgeable riders.

We have published thousands of articles since then, spanning news, tech, interviews, race coverage, women’s cycling and adventure. We successfully carved out a niche for ourselves in this competitive sector of the cycling industry, and we are very proud to be known for our storytelling and beautiful imagery. But we never forgot about our roots: the educational pieces and the ‘tips’ in CyclingTips.

Furthering our commitment to educating and welcoming riders of all abilities to the collective peloton, we are excited to launch TIPS, a new site section aimed specifically at rider development.

From Cycling 101s and technique to nutrition and culture, this section will serve as a guide to becoming a cyclist for life.

We’ll start off with the basics and gradually build on that knowledge as time goes on, increasing the level of depth, complexity and specifics over time.

Our goal: to set you up for success and a lifetime of cycling.

So whether you just walked out of the bike shop with your first road bike, are rekindling an old passion or are a long-time veteran of the peloton, over time we hope to offer something for everyone so we can all learn together.

– The CyclingTips Crew

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