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  • Jamie

    The amount of character and personality in that rig. Fantastic read.

  • d;

    It’s nice to read about the fantastic new builds but please bring us more REAL bikes of the bunch!

    Classic, along with idiosyncratic choices. The owner sounds like the real deal, just like his ride.

    • Chris

      I get what you’re saying, but this is the most unusual bike of the bunch I can imagine. The <<>> bikes of the bunch are pretty much modern carbon things running factory wheels and a Shimano groupset. That is, that’s what’s most common in any normal bunch. Now that I’m typing, I’m not sure what my point is; I just know the idea that there is a REAL deal cyclist and a REAL bike of the bunch just sounds like odd gatekeeping, and implies that other BotB and owners have been somehow fake or something.

      • d;

        What I was trying to say is, it can get a bit tedious reading about the latest whizz-bang high priced bikes and it’s refreshing to read about people and their old(er) bikes that work for them and which they love riding. So yes agreed the former are also real.

        • Chris

          Fair enough!

        • Raymond

          I agree, this was definitely one of the best BotB pieces so far since it had a real story behind it, and was a bit quirky.

          • BenW

            I enjoyed this a lot more than “man throws money at bike company”.

  • When I first saw this bike I thought this looks odd, combining an old steel frame with an electronic group set. Once I started reading and to discover what this bike is about I fell in love with it. This is awesomeness in its purest form.

    • James Huang

      Thanks very much for that. I’ve known Peter for about ten years now, and while I’ve long known this bike to be pretty interesting, I’ve always thought that what was much more interesting was him as a person. Glad to hear you got the same impression.

  • AllanBarr

    James, this is my favourite bike write up you’ve done yet.

  • Cyco

    Columbus Max tubing (what most of the bike is) isn’t typical ‘small diameter steel’. The Down tube is 35mm, and the chain stays 36×18. On MX Leader a 28.6 top tube is used instead of Max’s normal 31.8.

    I used to own an ex-Motorola team bike. One of the best bikes I’ve ever ridden

  • Allez Rouleur

    What a unique bike and a cool story behind the acquisition! Ha, as soon as I saw the first photo I said to myself, “Where the heck is the shifter?” Not at all expect EPS on a classic steel bike!

    My most cherish bicycle is a Tommasini Diamante with a wild paint job, Deltas, C-Record gruppo, and the Columbus Multi-Shape tubeset. It’s too nice as a daily rider, but I do love to ride it.

  • Mats Thorén

    I’m by no means an expert but I’m beginning to think that it’s much more than nostalgia to hear what people say about Eddies steel bikes and the difference on the whole between classic bikes and later developments. I was fortunate enough to meet the Man himself twenty years ago. He patiently measured me up, legs, arms and spine using a tape line just like a tailor. At 6 feet 5 I didn’t comply very well to standard bikes. So he recommended the MXLeader tubeset with modified tube lengths, and specified all other components, including a pair of Mavic GP4s. I still use it a lot. Comfortable, steady, secure, kind of forgiving also at high speeds which is exactly what a non-elite rider like myself needs. Having fun and being able to relax at the same time. Good old Eddie! I think he is right about weight – it’s the least important parameter in a bike. At least for the frame.

  • eppolley

    Nice to know I am not the only one to only ride tubular wheels, have a Silca frame pump with Campy head and have some wheels that are tied and soldered. However that bag for the spare has got to go. Lol

    • James Huang

      It’s not a bag! It’s a sock from his old shop, Vecchio’s, tied to the saddle rails with a toe strap (a leather one at that).

  • badhombrebigdo

    Just beautiful. I always wonder how those premium old steel racer’s ride… and how heavy they really are…

  • lowlander

    I’m always struck buy get geometry when looking at these older bikes. I know Peter is dealing with back issues, but even if that bike were ‘slammed’ it would have far less saddle to bar drop than the bike this overweight wannabe rides regularly. I’d love to look at numbers, but this bike may even be less “aggressive” than today’s “Endurance” geometry.

    Yet another reminder of the oddity that so many of us ride geometries that are suited for a very, very small percentage of uber-fit riders. The low tops and shallow drops commonly found today (guilty here) offer not much difference in the actual position between riding hoods vs drops. Anyway, this bike looks great and I’m sure is a blast and a comfortable ride.

  • Peter Scarlett

    Great story about a great character. Hope he and the bike do a lot more miles together. Also nice to see somebody who has access to and knowledge of “the latest and greatest” doesn’t immediately endorse it as the be-all and end-all. Also hope his spinal issues behave for him.


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