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  • NEcyclist88

    It would be naive for anyone to think the biological passport was going to completely rid the sport of drugs. From what I understand it give the authorities an effective tool for targeting certain individuals for additional testing and it also helps to deter riders from adopting a full octane doping program that would enable a superhuman peak for a race like the Tour De France. If it’s been effective in both of these areas then that is a step forward for a sport in which there will always be individuals trying to gain a chemical advantage. If the UCI really wants to be serious about busting dopers maybe they should spend a little bit more time in Tenerife.

    • donncha

      One major benefit of the biopassport is it doesn’t allow turning a donkey into a racehorse, i.e you can boost your own parameters a little, but if your starting HCT is low, you can’t boost it to 50 like the old days.

      • Durianrider Vegano

        no you can still boost it to 50, just make sure you are well hydrated if you risk testing. You can pump it up over 60 and then drop it down 15 points with proper doctor supervision.

        drug testing is IQ testing. Look how many doctors still work on the big teams and those same doctors worked with pantani etc.

        NOTHING has changed as the pressure to win to impress sponsors is even higher than the late 90’s.

  • Nomad

    From what I understand, there’s a significant amount of variability allowed in the ABP software to assure the 99.9% probability threshold and avoid false positives. Once an athlete’s baseline parameters are established, staying within those parameters wouldn’t be flagged by the software as suspicious.

    To illustrate this point, there were two interesting cases in T&F pursuant to the McLaren report with Russian mid-d runners; Savinova & Poistogova. Savinova won gold & Poistogova won bronze in the 800m at the London Olympics. Both had admitted to using EPO & steroids per the ARD-recordings. When Savinova’s ABP was retroactively examined by three WADA anti-doping experts, only two out of the three indicated that she was “likely doping.” In Poistogova’s profile, she was deemed to have a “normal” passport by the reviewing experts. Neither of their passports were ever initially flagged as suspicious, and if not for the ARD-recordings, none of their involvement with doping would have come to light since neither tested positive during any drug controls:


  • mohsinaktel

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