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  • Owlaugen

    I like this dude. Being on Team Sky certainly seems like a square peg in a round hole for him.

  • Andy B

    They have made the right choice for the best chance at winning, its never worked out well splitting teams
    surely increasing your chance at yellow is a better bet than hoping for a stage win

  • James Belford

    Great interview with an awesome athlete. Copes with challenges and disappointments with honour, takes success with humility.

  • Might make sense for him to stick his contract out with Sky. He’s missing a good chunk of the road season in his legs from last year and I’m not quite sure anyone would pay top $ for him with his current 2017 tally. He’s in an interesting niche for a sprinter/fast finisher as he’s a lot more versatile than raw power sprinters like Kittel.

  • Cruz er

    Viviani is such a huge talent. World class power, skill and seems like a great guy.
    He doesn’t have the team or advantages of other top sprinters but is always right there. I hope he realizes his goal of winning MSR.
    If given the chance, he can add grand tour stage wins confidently.

    Nice interview, so glad he got some exposure here.


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