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  • unconstituted

    Article was going well until I got to the sponsorship cash prizes. I could afford to sponsor the jerseys out of my own back pocket at those figures. If I’m pissed about those offensive sums, then I can only imagine how the riders must feel deep down about it. How demotivating. Did Colnago look up the going rate for a vacuum cleaner and thought that’s about right? Thought women’s cycling was being taken seriously. Then again, we are talking about Colnago who think women are for being ridden on.


    • Stephen Fry

      The prize money amounts are set by the UCI as minimum amounts within their Women’s World Tour regulations.

      • Winky

        Presumably the pittance that is being offered represents the best anyone was willing to offer in exchange for the publicity. I can’t imagine that the organizers accepted only the first offers than exactly met the minimum standard. Having said that, it’s also really hard to be believe that nobody thought these jerseys were worth more than the very small amounts listed here. Perhaps it simply reflects the lack of interest in women’s cycling.

        But actually, I don’t think it matters in the scheme of things. Set all prize money, men’s and women’s to zero and put the money back into advocacy and grass-roots support for the sport.

      • unconstituted

        Yes the UCI have minimum amounts for all races, men’s, women’s, HC, elite, stages races, one day races, everything.

        Were you making a point of some sort though? I’m not sure what it is.

        To be clear, companies can and do offer big paydays and are free to offer equal rewards to men and women. A great example is Trek with the upcoming cyclocross World Cup. This is the way it should be. Leading from the front, and not hiding behind low hanging fruit like ‘there’s just not as much interest in women’s racing’. Yes we know, it’s a circular that needs broken and the initiative will have to come at the business end, not just because of some financial reasoning, but because it’s the right thing to do. It’s conscionable to not infantilise and belittle women.


        • Stephen Fry

          I was just making a statement of fact that minimum prize funds are set by the UCI and hence the vast majority of race organisers just stick to those minimums. Because of this i’d like the UCI to amend their regulations by making the minimum prize funds the same for men and women for all World Tour races. I appreciate that that will put more financial burden on organisers running Women’s World Tour races but it is the right thing to do.

          • unconstituted

            You’re describing back to me the state of affairs I’m complaining about.

            Twice now.

            Understand this, you are not making a point. We are all aware of this ‘statement of fact’. We are making points here. We are past the stage you are at, and have been since comment 1.

          • DaveRides

            Why are you so keen to see all the WWT races cancelled or downgraded to 1.1/2.1 and the WWT accordingly cancelled?

  • kermitonwheels

    0 – the number of stages broadcast live. Sad, I would like to watch it, and VPNs for 20 mins highlights is tough going to.

  • Geoff Martin

    Would you consider doing a subscribable email update newsletter/link? It would be nice to have a reminder that pops into my mail that will take me to (or bring me) the daily update. If it was always going to be posted on the same URL I’d just set up a reminder but I doubt that’s the situation. Cheers for covering this.

  • Emily Mogic

    I had no idea the prize money was so bad. Wow ????


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