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Your Tuesday Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

June 20, 2017

In today’s Daily News Digest: Dennis not optimistic about Tour de France selection; Moscon says conscience is clean after end of his suspension for racist comments; Analysing where British Cycling is at after the publication of controversial independent review; Elissonde psyched after netting third in Route du Sud; Canyon/SRAM Zwift Academy rider Leah Thorvilson gears up to ride the Giro Rosa; Rally Cycling dominates men’s and women’s North Star Grand Prix races; Cyclist writes own obituary to highlight dangers riders face; Team Sunweb riders chasing national championship success; Diplomatic immunity means Saudi driver looks set to escape prosecution over fatal dooring incident; Tour de Pharmacy official Trailer # 2; The Passion Of Cycling

Dennis not optimistic about Tour de France selection

by CyclingTips

Although he showed fine form in taking the prologue plus the final-day time trial in the Tour de Suisse, Rohan Dennis isn’t confident that the BMC Racing Team will select him for the upcoming Tour de France. The Australian rider spoke about the general classification hopes he has for his career prior to the start of the 2017 season, saying that he would concentrate on the Giro d’Italia, but was forced out of that race due to injury.

However, despite being in form and also fresh, he doesn’t think that he will be backing Richie Porte in the Tour.

“I’m still a reserve,” Dennis told Cyclingpro.net. “At this moment I’ll be staying at home and that’s what the plan was. To do the Giro. I would love to be there for Richie, he’s a good friend and to try and help him win would be amazing.

“It would be a dream come true, even if I’m not wearing yellow, to ride down the Champs-Élysées with the yellow jersey in my team. [But] At this stage, I don’t think I’m going and I’ll be cheering them on from my couch and enjoying a nice cold drink.”

However, according to The Advertiser, the squad’s high performance director Allan Peiper said that it would would monitor Dennis’s form following the Tour de Suisse and then make its final decision.

Click through to read more at Cycling Central and at The Advertiser.

Today’s feature image was taken by Jered & Ashley Gruber it Italy on the Gavia Pass.

  • zosim

    Wow. Moscon doesn’t come across well does he. That entire interview comes across as him thinking he was right. Wonder how Team Sky will handle that particularly as he reckons he has the full support of his team mates.

  • Michele

    Don’t know Moscon (a great talent). He’ll probably say I’m a hater, but boy, he’s not doing himself any favours.

    He’s either really tolerant, stupid, or just trying to downplay the whole thing.

    Who takes a 6 week team enforced ban for something they didn’t do?

    I guess that affords him the chance to now play the victim card.

    • Mark

      Someone scheduled to have a 6 week break from racing regardless of the ban.

    • Andy Logan

      I am not convinced it’s as simple as you say it is, racism in Italy is a big big issue in that it’s still very common you only have to look at some of the recent stories around racism in Italian football e.g. the Sully Muntari incident (http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/european/sulley-muntari-racism-cagliari-pescara-italian-football-a7716301.html) to see that it is unfortunately quite ingrained in the culture there.

      It’s clear to me that in Italy, racism in accepted and the norm, what Moscan is saying is probably true, in his eyes he didnt do anything wrong.

      • DaveRides

        Are you The Secret Pro?

    • Neuron1

      Not a single person other than the two involved know what transpired. Yet, folks feel the need to comment. If Moscon says nothing he is guilty, if he speaks out he is guilty. In relation to the commenters here, Abraham Lincoln said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than speak (type) out and remove all doubt.” Regarding racism/xenophobia/stereotypes, one need look no further than their own country, or read The Secret Pro.

      • Sean

        Australia is generally a very tolerant society, tolerance has been deeply ingrained in all of us since we invaded.

        • Neuron1

          Great response. Funny how the folks sneaking over from the nearby countries are turned away en masse in Australia and the illegals are swarming into Italy unimpeded. The difference between words and deeds.

      • zosim

        Nobody accepts a punishment for a racist offence if they didn’t do anything. that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong is irrelevant, he knows what he did and obviously disputes that it was wrong not what he did, otherwise he’d have made more of a fuss.

        This isn’t a “there’s no smoke without fire” sort of thing; his team decided he’d done something at a tribunal after reviewing the evidence. Given his recent statements it seems most likely he admitted what he did but, as I said above, doesn’t view it as a problem.

        • DaveRides

          He hasn’t yet been punished though, he’s only had a mid-season break between two heavy blocks of racing that he was always going to get after the Tour of Romandie anyway.

          • zosim

            He was punished by his employer. Irrespective of UCI sanctions, I’d hope that this wasn’t Sky just trying to manage the damage and giving him a holiday when he was due not to race anyway. Speaking personally, I’d fight tooth and nail against an employer sanction for racism even if there were no other organisations involved; your name is mud after that in certain sectors in cases like this. I’d imagine he’s already limited himself in terms of personal sponsorship.

            • DaveRides

              A punishment is only a punishment if the person knows they are being punished.

              There appears to be some considerable doubt over that in this instance.

      • Michele

        What part of my comment was racist or xenophobic?

        Check out my name – I’m looking at my “own country”.

        You are right using Lincoln’s quote – something Moscon should’ve considered.

    • Bex

      yeah those comments don’t add up. says it was nothing, yet sky didn’t fight the ban at all. sounds like he learned nothing from his time off.

      • Chucky Beans

        and he then says his “colleagues” know it was all “ridiculous.” I wonder how his colleagues feel about that remark…

        • Bex

          yeah, that’s what has me puzzled, did he say something that wasn’t racist but construed that way or was it racist and he has totally missed the point of his ban. If it wasn’t racist i don’t understand why the team would enforce a break even if it had no impact to his schedule; if it was racist i’m perplexed how he could still be speaking like that.

      • DaveRides

        There hasn’t yet been a ban for Sky to fight, only Sky’s “internal suspension” of a break that Moscon was due anyway after a long block of racing. That one was straight out of the Brian Cookson Manual For Scandal Management.

        It has been referred to the UCI Disciplinary Commission though. That doesn’t suggest anything about when a decision will be released, as the Disciplinary Commission is certainly not agile despite meeting at Aigle. Some recent decisions took 89 days (suspending Andrey Grivko for punching Marcel Kittel), 58 days (suspending Soul Brasil Pro Cycling again) and 40 days (suspending Bardiani-CSF).

        The suspension they could apply under rule 12.1.005 is between one and six months. It will be interesting to see how Sky respond if he gets anything more than three months as that would effectively be season over (and potentially the start of 2018 disrupted too if it drags on any longer before a six month suspension is handed down) and certainly grounds for immediate termination due to gross misconduct.

  • Luke Bartlett

    “I didn’t kill anyone”

    “The defence rests your Honour”

    “Sir this isn’t a murder trial, it’s not even a trial, just at least say you’ve learnt something and show compassion to a fellow human”

  • zosim

    With regards to the dooring, in the uk recently a taxi passenger opened a door and knocked a cyclist under an oncoming van. Rider died. The passenger pleaded guilty and got an 80 pound fine. Even if people are prosecuted, it doesn’t need mean they are punished.

    • Bex

      At least there’s an acknowledgement of being at fault in that case. if it’s caused a death there should be some actual repercussion; however the fact the diplomat hasn’t had to make any acknowledgement of their fault makes it all the worse for the family i would imagine; it’s almost as if the rider didn’t count as a human. Until there’s real deterrents these ‘accidents’ will continue to happen.

  • Bryan Duggan

    Moscon should have gotten a life ban. He needed to be made an example of in order to make a statement that his behaviour was unacceptable. Also, why persist using the word ‘alleged’? He was convicted, received a ban, etc. There is no ‘alleged’ here. I’d be curious to know what Reza’s thoughts are in relation to Moscon’s lack of contrition. His actions and his current attitude are disgusting.

  • velocite

    I’m glad I read that mock obituary. Although it was about the sort of hit a cyclist cannot possibly avoid, anything that increases our awareness of the possibilities is a good thing. Should motivate us to pressure for improvements.


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