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  • Superpilot

    Seriously, you may not get many reads or comments on these, but it is a great read! Riders in their own words, adds a lot of perspective. I wonder what it was at times that he went against the sponsors? And who was responsible for the 2016 Olympic equipment? That I think was a crowning moment, totally unforseen given previous form. Will always be a legend, even if I wanted Tommeke to beat him, he really was the boss when he was on form.

    • OverIt

      Yeah for sure, I don’t care much for heaping praise on sports people, but of them all, Fabian just seems like a focused but very “real” person who lets his work on the bike speak for itself and off the bike is just a decent guy with a place in the world like everyone else.

    • Holby City

      He used Veloflex tyres a lot instead of the sponsors’.

      • DaveRides

        Lots of riders use non-official equipment, with the branding removed or covered as required. Their spare bike will usually be fully ‘correct’ so it can be put out for the media to photograph, and this is why you’ll often see riders request that the team repair their original bike after a mechanical and swap back to it later in the stage.

        Sharpie is a brand used by more pro teams than Shimano.

  • Simon Wile

    Seconding @disqus_yrWt0Z3IgP:disqus. Really enjoy these articles thank you.

    • Shane Stokes

      Thanks folks for the comments – nice to hear you enjoyed the article. More like this coming in the future!

      • JCJordan

        Please do. I can remember a couple of years ago speaking to Wade on Willunga Hill about the content of the site. anyone can tell me who won, how it was won, these are simple. The environment behind and about the sport is what I love. I know this takes longer to develop (and does not fit in well with todays instantaneous focus of what can only be called journalism in the widest use of the definition) but I love the depth that it gives. Please keep up the good work.

        • Shane Stokes

          Thanks :) It’s definitely good to be able to delve a little more deeply than just news and reports. We’ll aim to do the same at the Tour, hopefully some interesting stories from there!

  • lefthandside

    Thanks for this, again a really excellent read

  • Rob

    Great article. Would love to hear if he plans on catching up with Boonen in retirement. Maybe a mobility scooter race thru Arenburg Forest? :)

    • Patrick Murphy

      He probably has a suitable motor….. ;)

  • 900Aero


  • Allez Rouleur

    Pretty cool to see someone many of us think of as a god say he’s a regular person doing his job, just as everyone has a job to do. I like that!

  • Really excellent insight. Here’s to hoping he stays in the sport in some capacity.

  • diegodg

    Love these pieces. Probably the finest cycling journalism out there. Thanks.


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