CyclingTips Tour de France Vlog, Episode 2: Friends of CT & the Airbnb horror show

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We hope you’ve seen episode 1 of our Tour de France vlog series. If not we’ll forgive you, but heck — you’re missing out.

Episode 2 is now here. For the three of us on the ground, stage 1 seems like a week ago, and stage 2 just about as far back. We’ve already lost track of the days of the week, and where we are. But when on Tour all you need to know is what stage you’re on.

Rain, crashes and a seriously unhygienic Airbnb are all part of the story in this episode. We chat with Chad from Mavic about how neutral service is trying to avoid giving the wrong size bikes to riders in need, and we start to introduce you to the wider CyclingTips family. Enjoy!

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