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December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
  • Cynthia Colón

    Sagan does not deserve a disqualification on a reactive elbow, the UCI would be smart to reconsider.

    • taylot1459

      UCI didn’t, race commissaries did

  • Douglas Macarthy

    Don,t disqualified Sagan..

  • Petra RtwoDtwo

    The only violent man here is Cavendish. He is known for his clumsy and uncaring sprints. He called this upon himself.

    • Doubt it’s that simple, but it definitely smacks of the high-speed crash he caused on stage 1 (Harrogate) of the 2014 TDF where he got caught trying to put his bike where it didn’t belong. At least he acknowledged fault then.

  • Shahryar Adil Niazi

    It doesn’t seem so cut and dry. They were so close to each other and it was bound to happen. Either Sagan or Mark would have gone down. It seemed mire like evasive action. On the other hand without Sagan it would be nice to see how the tour retains is lustre, since I’ve already lost interest in it for now.

  • Legstrong

    A french man in green jersey after God knows how many decades? Yeah, I think it played a major factor in UCI decision. However, there are a lot stakeholders here, sponsors and TV ratings, that want Peter to stay in the race… For example, NBC Sport with their Gold pass subscriptions.

  • MadBlack

    There’s a good video analysis posted in the daily news digest comments. Clearly showing Cav headbutting Sagan’s upper body and loosing control. Sagan’s elbow comes as a reaction to maintain balance. As I see it Sagan deserves his points for the green jersey back also.

    • PeddlePeddle

      Thank you! Someone else finally seeing the obvious there… Its a no brainer. Very poor decision to pull Sagan.

    • L_Space

      Peter Sagan was not guilty. Review the details at:

  • BRK

    Feel a bit sorry for Cav (and the others who went down)… but there’s no way Sagan should be expelled from TdF for that :(

    • pervertt

      Not me. I’d feel sorry for any other sprinter involved in a similar crash, but not Cav. He of the pointy elbows has just been given a taste of his own medicine.

  • campbell

    cav put his head into Sagan and was going down way before the elbow came out. Sagans elbow comes out and his hand leaves the bar because he gets caught on cavs hood

    • Paul

      Cav held his line the whole way, he put his head into Sagan when Sagan cut into him when following Demare. I agree he was going down before the elbow came out, it was hip to hip contact. No way Sagan should’ve been DQ’d though, points and time penalty would’ve been enough..

      • campbell

        no hip to hip. Sagan was in front of him . Cavs contact forced Sagan of balance and his break hood caught the inside of his wrist pulling his elbow out. It was a crash caused by Cavs tactic’s, too bad Sagan has to pay for it. The race just became a lot less interesting

        • John

          Cavendish was following Demare through past Sagan. Sagan was moving across onto Demare’s wheel without checking to see if it was safe. So, Cavendish had nowhere to go. All the arm and head movements were just a reflexes as they tried to keep their balance. Cavendish hung back slightly to get a better run at Demare when they cleared Sagan, so he was slightly harder to spot than usual.
          Sagan’s relegation seemed fair to me, but DQ looks overly harsh, even if it does open up the green her competition (although I can’t see Demare beating Kittel with this year’s route)

December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017