CyclingTips Tour de France Vlog, Episode 7: Phinney’s Mexican standoff

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Ask us what day it is, what town we’re in or even what stage it is, and we’ll be along with pretty much anyone on Tour — we’ll look at you with a far-off gaze and probably give you the wrong answer. We’re at that point in the race where fatigue has set in, the brain’s become slightly numb, and everyone in this travelling circus is hanging out for a second rest day.

It’s been an action-packed few days. Episode 7 focuses on the two stages when the race opened up again — stages 11 and 12. Jerseys changed hands, Chris Froome looked beatable, Shane became a Vet for the day, and then everyone lost sight of the finish line … in what turned out to be thick mist.

Oh and there’s also a Mexican stand off between myself and a certain Mr Phinney.

We hope you enjoy.

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