CyclingTips Tour de France Vlog, Episode 9: The 656 to Gap

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The Tour de France might be over but the behind the scenes vlogs aren’t. Sure the riders have arrived in Paris — in fact, they’re probably all at home by now nursing hangovers. But we’ve still got a few vlogs to hopefully keep the Tour withdrawal symptoms at bay.

When you’ve been watching the Tour for three weeks, and then it ends, it can hit you hard. You may find you have more time on your hands, or that you have loved ones or friends you forgot about for three weeks. It’s understandable.

In this episode of the vlog we find ourselves back in the Alps where driving anywhere at Tour time is a long and gruelling experience, where mountain roads lead to yet more Airbnbs that wouldn’t have a single star if they were a hotel, and above all where bike racing is at its best.

We hope you enjoy. And stay tuned for the 10th and final vlog from our time at the Tour, coming soon.

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