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  • JamesTTheHotshot

    Landa could be the man of Sastre with Frank is Froome!

  • Creighton Suter

    Never forget Michael Rasmussen’s disastrous final time trial in 2005 (never mind the doping). Froome isn’t safe yet.

  • Michele

    My podium:

    Froome, Bardet and Uran. I’m just not convinced of the order.

    Any other year I reckon Froome would be a dead-cert.

    He will most likely wear yellow into Paris. And he might do so comfortably. I would still have him favourite.

    But, as Matt points out here, this Tour just has a different feel to it. It’s been such a slow burner. Things are just simmering.

    Bardet seems to ride his best in the 3rd week. And you know Bardet isn’t going to die wondering. He’s been 2nd before. He’s not going to be scared to risk that.

    Uran has been quietly plying away. I reckon he is an unknown quantity in this.

    And Froome? In previous years, he has often looked more vulnerable / not as strong in the last week mountain stages than earlier in the race.

    I think anything is possible. Heck, Bardet could blow so badly trying to win that Martin podiums. That would be a story.

    Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.

  • bigringjim

    Am I the only one who hates time trials in grand tours, and thinks they seem weird? I loved the short 100km stage this year, and would love to see time trials replaced with them.

    • DaveRides

      I like them, as it gives different sorts of riders a chance to succeed.

      I could quite happily cope with the return of half-stages, so you could have a short road stage and a short TT on the same day.


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