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November 24, 2017
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Your Friday Daily News Digest

by Neal Rogers

July 14, 2017

In today’s Daily News: Bardet takes win atop Peyragudes, Aru takes maillot jaune from Froome; Cromwell continues Canyon-SRAM success in Thüringen with Stage 1 victory; Edmondson first leader in BeNe Ladies Tour after winning prologue; French favoritism? Uran, Bennett docked 20 seconds on GC for illegal feed; Bardet not penalized for same offense; Dan Martin moves into fifth overall at Tour de France; 22 teams announced for Madrid Challenge by La Vuelta; Video: GoPro’s Tour de France Stage 12 highlights.

Bardet takes win atop Peyragudes, Aru takes maillot jaune from Froome

by Neal Rogers

Frenchman Romain Bardet (Ag2r La Mondiale) took an emphatic Tour de France stage victory Thursday atop the steep Category 2 climb to Peyragudes, accelerating away from a select group of GC contenders in the last 100 meters on a 16% grade.

Colombian Rigoberto Uran (Cannondale-Drapac) finished second, with Fabio Aru (Astana) in third on the 215 kilometer stage that featured five categorized climbs.

“It’s my third Tour de France stage win in three years,” Bardet said. “I took my chance. I did a recon of the last part, so I knew it, and I went full gas. I’m happy to be able to finish like that. I controlled my attacks all day until the final 200 metres.”

Aru took a four-second time bonus at the line, as race leader Chris Froome (Team Sky) was distanced, finishing 22 seconds behind Bardet and 20 seconds behind Uran and Aru, relinquishing his GC lead to the Italian champion — the first time he’d lost the yellow jersey on a climb since he first wore a maillot jaune in 2013. In 2015, Froome relinquished the yellow jersey to Tony Martin for three days during the first week, but he had never before relinquished the race lead to a GC contender, and never in the mountains.

“It was a very, very hard finish,” Froome said. “I didn’t have the legs in the finale, but there is still a long way to go. I just want to say congrats to Romain Bardet for winning a great stage and to Fabio Aru for taking the jersey. I had a bad moment there at the end. No excuses. I just didn’t have the legs in the finale. It’s close. It’s going to be a great fight now all the way to Paris.”

Click through to read the full race report.

Stage 12: Pau > Peyragudes - Stage Result

Thursday 13th July 2017

1. fr
AG2R La Mondiale
2. co
URAN Rigoberto
Cannondale-Drapac Pro Cycling Team
3. it
ARU Fabio
Astana Pro Team
4. es
Team Sky
5. za
UAE Team Emirates
6. ie
Quick-Step Floors
7. gb
FROOME Christopher
Team Sky
8. nz
Team LottoNL-Jumbo
9. gb
10. es
Team Sky
11. co
Movistar Team
12. fr
Team Sunweb
13. it
CARUSO Damiano
BMC Racing Team
14. es
Trek - Segafredo
15. fr
AG2R La Mondiale

Today’s feature image shows Chris Froome, Fabio Aru, Romain Bardet, and Rigoberto Uran in the final kilometres of Stage 12 of the Tour de France. Bardet won the stage, while Aru took the maillot jaune from Froome. Photo: Cor Vos.

  • zosim

    I agree Bardet needs a penalty but the irony of someone who bends truth to suit his own agenda criticising others for the same is a little rich for my taste.

    • Michele

      Agree 100%.

      Then again, maybe his tittle-tattles are over compensation for the years of keeping his lips sealed on the minor detail of doping.

      • Neal Rogers

        Whether it was Vaughters or Wegelius or someone else from Cannondale is irrelevant; the matter at hand is that the UCI race jury has been making questionable, inequitable decisions throughout this race that are having serious consequences for riders and their teams.

        • truthtopower

          Neal, trying to be diplomatic here but does the term taking a feed mean receiving the water/food or consumption of the product. If video shows RU and GB drinking, but there is no video evidence of Bardet, it would be hard to penalize Bardet. Many riders take a bottle and pour it over themselves. Does this count as a feed? I cannot glean this out of the rules.

          Also, if Uran is relegated, does Aru get the higher bonus position, move into second on the stage and get the 6 vs 4 seconds. Thanks.

          • DaveRides

            The time penalty applies to the GC time, not to the stage time/position.

            The video I saw of Bardet makes it appear that he rips the top open and pours it over himself.

            I’m of the opinion that Bennett should certainly be cleared as the rules are too unclear (an all too consistent theme with the UCI rules) and Uran too if the Vaughters story about the guy passing the bidon being a staffer of Cannondale (the bike company) and not the race team can be verified. But I don’t think that will be happening, Vaughters has basically admitted they were caught bang to rights and I expect that’s why he’s snitching on Twitter rather than lodging an official protest.

            • Michele

              Thanks Dave. You just answer a couple of my questions. Should’ve read your post first ????

              If Bardet poured the water over his head, then I have no problem with no penalty being enforced.

              • Bex

                i think it should still be enforced; he still consumed the water, just not by drinking. If i’m not wrong then the rule is about taking not consuming, so anyone that takes a bottle/gel/bar/etc should be penalized (if they have a rule for that- weather they should have a rule is another question). They won’t hit Bardet with the sanction because they’ve proven time and again that decisions they’ve made are not re-considered despite further evidence coming to light.

                • Michele

                  Good points.

                • Holby City

                  He didn’t consume the water if he didn’t drink it. Take means consume in most languages.

                  • Bex

                    what? he didn’t consume it if he didn’t drink it.. take means consume; that’s a contradiction isn’t it.

                    • Holby City

                      He didn’t take it or drink it or consume it, end of story. Storm in a bidon.

          • Neal Rogers

            The rule is receiving a feed, doesn’t matter what the rider does with the food or bottle after that

        • Michele

          Oh I agree … you just need to see my posts comparing Bouhanni’s antics vs. Sagan’s expulsion.

          That said, CT state that Uran got the water from a Cannondale staffer. That suggests premeditation. JV says spectator. Can that be confirmed? That’s a big difference.

          Also, did Bardet actually drink to “feed himself”? Did he pour it over his head? [Disclaimer: I haven’t seen the stage yet].

          Maybe – just maybe – that’s why there was no penalty.

          • DaveRides

            I agree completely on the inconsistency, most obviously shown by the different results for Boohoo v Sagan (taking a hand off the bars to strike another rider should be a lengthy suspension, and I hope this is referred to the UCI Disciplinary Commission) and the non-decisions on Demare in the same sprint with the Sagan/Cav mashup. Ironically, more consistency would have resulted in Boohoo getting a stage win as he was the only sprinter who didn’t do anything wrong on stage four!

            The big problem is that the UCI rules are so murky. They should be so clear that they can be simply enforced without first being interpreted.

            The good news about the Bardet non-penalty is that even if it was not correct, the snivelly snitcher himself confirms that a French bias isn’t at play:

          • sps12321

            its not about the rider “feeding”themselves, its about being “fed”: ie being given something (food, water, etc.) The rules intention is to prevent cars and people encroaching on the course and affecting the results. Other than mechanical issues, riders in the last kms shouldn’t interact with anyone other than riders.

          • Neal Rogers

            Vaughters clarified that it was an enthusiastic roadside spectator who works for Cannondale, the bike brand, not someone who works for the Slipstream Sports-managed Cannondale-Drapac team.

            • Michele

              Thanks for clarifying Neal.

              Good to see common sense has prevailed and the penalties have been reversed.

              (I couldn’t see Bardet being docked).

              Keep up the good work – enjoying your reports ????

              Wishing you were there?

      • DaveRides

        I suppose we will find out when he lodges an official protest against Bardet as to whether he’s serious or just snitching.

  • Slapparoo

    12.040.23. Unauthorised refreshments

    As far as I can tell the rules don’t discuss the difference between receiving and consuming. So its just a case of the French being dicks.

  • claude cat

    Penalties on revoked on Uran and Bennett.
    There’s rules and then there’s UCI rules …


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November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
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