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  • thenhbushman

    I just came back from Hualien. People visit it all the time.

  • karthik sundaram

    Quality video, another addition to the bucket list,

  • Jaybo

    half the article mentions “Tapei” – is this similar to Taipei? :D

    • Thanks. Fixed.

      Danny, you’re fired.

      • Jaybo

        bloody hell Danny. one job.
        *shakes head*

  • simon saunders

    Excellent piece. Makes Taiwan look like a must visit place on my long promised(to self) trip to the Southern Hemisphere. Kudos on the ride all involved. That’s a real brute!

    • You might miss it if you’re looking in the Southern Hemesphere! But definitely worth the visit if your trip allows.

    • Wily_Quixote

      You might want to get a better map. Taiwan is in the northern hemisphere. Hualien is close to the Tropic of Cancer.

  • by7

    I did it today. Maybe to avoid scaring off the aspiring climbers you omit to mention that it takes a good 5-6 hours of climbing…
    Another PS: today at the top was raining and 12c… It can get quite chilly also in summer and I wish I had leg warmers and gloves for the descent (at least until back down to 2300m)
    Awesome climb and generally awesome rides all around Hualien . People are exquisite (It did help that I can speak chinese..)

  • Surprisingly cool!

  • Simon Wile

    never mind the climb… how was the descent @cyclingtips:disqus ?! Looks epic up there.

    • Unfortunately we didn’t get to descend it. The organisers prefer to shuttle people down. As much as I was disappointed to hear that beforehand, I wasn’t in any mood for a 100km ride in any capacity afterwards!


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