Say goodbye to the ziplock bag

Introducing the MAAP X Bellroy All Conditions Phone Pocket

We’re pleased to be featuring the new collaboration from MAAP and Bellroy, the All Conditions Phone Pocket, at the CyclingTips Emporium.

Those of you familiar with the CyclingTips Emporium will also be familiar with two of our favourite Australian brands, Bellroy and MAAP. Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of an exciting collaboration between the two brands, the MAAP X Bellroy All Conditions Phone Pocket.

The phone has become the everyday cyclist’s perfect training partner. From mapping and tracking your ride, to photographing the places you go, to acting as a vital tool in an emergency situation (or when you just need to call your partner because you forgot a spare tube … again), most cyclist’s take their phone with them on every ride. Recognising the importance of this, the MAAP X Bellroy Phone Pocket has been created to give cyclist’s piece of mind when carrying their phone in any conditions, whilst doubling as a stylish everyday wallet/ phone case.

The two brands teamed up late last year to create the first iteration of the MAAP X Bellroy phone pocket. Today, the brand includes a new colourway (Arctic Blue), and a Plus size has been added, which is suitable for carrying larger phones including all iPhone plus models.

Here at the CyclingTips Emporium we were constantly asked for this size last time we featured the phone pocket, as was MAAP.

“We had an overwhelming request, some very passionate, for the 7+ version of the phone pocket! It’s rare a cyclist that will leave home without their phone – from tracking a ride, wayfinding, taking photos to listening to music. Teaming up with Bellroy – a brand that’s always setting new standards for how people can carry better and move well – to meet this need means we’re bringing the best solution we know to our customers across the globe,” says Oliver Cousins (MAAP Co-Founder).

“When I ride, I want a functional wallet that protects your phone but can also act as your primary wallet off the bike. The All-Conditions Phone Pocket definitely achieves this.”

Bellroy aims to provide new solutions to carrying your everyday essentials. As the brand says, “as long as there are things to carry, we want to find better ways to carry them.” The brand name is derived from its two Australian homes, Bells Beach and Fitzroy.

“We’re at home in both Bells Beach and Fitzroy. Bells is surrounded by world-class surf and marks the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. Fitzroy is Melbourne’s creative hub, overflowing with incredible art, brands and bars. We love moving between these different worlds — the city and the sea, our inspiration and nature.”

The idea for the brand came after a team of designers and engineers set up the “Carryology” (Bellroy’s phrase for finding better ways to carry) blog, helping the team gain valuable insight into common carry challenges, which ultimately led to the design and development of a slim wallet with fewer layers and new ways to organize cash and cards. The release of this wallet in 2010 saw the beginning of the Bellroy brand, and they’ve never looked back. The products in Bellroy’s range now extend to tech cases, work accessories and more.

With MAAP’s aim to progress the sport of cycling and Bellroy’s stylish, common-sense approach to helping people carry better, the brand’s came together to create a solution to a mutual challenge, finding cyclists a better solution than a zip lock bag when the weather turns sour.

Jimmy Gleeson, Bellroy’s Creative Director, explains:

“We first connected with MAAP with the idea to help cyclists better carry their essentials,” says Jimmy. “At the time, we knew a lot of cyclists who would ride with their stuff in a zip lock bag. Collectively, we knew we could offer a better solution. We love collaborations like this. It’s not only a chance to work with brands that share the same passion for creativity and clever design, it’s also the chance to learn something new and bring two perspectives together. We think this latest ‘remix’ really captures the spirit of both brands in one fun, thoughtfully designed product.”

“From taking photos, to listening to a playlist when training, to making sure I stay on route, my phone is with me on every ride. Sweat, weather, all of it, this phone pocket is a shield against the elements on and off the bike. I take it with me everywhere now.”
– Luke Parker, MAAP/Basso Team Rider.

You can view the collaboration wallet here, and the rest of the MAAP range here.

This content was written for the CyclingTips Emporium.