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  • HamishM

    Why does every article (on this site, and SBS, and others) insist on mentioning that Dan Martin is the Irishman within the first mention of his name? We don’t see this with other nationalities.

    • Michele

      Umm, technically it wasn’t.

      • HamishM

        Wasn’t what? In the first sentence? OK, the second. The point remains.

        • Michele

          Was just yanking your chain. But that said, go check out any article written about Porte, or Aru.

          Porte often gets referred to a “the Tasmanian”, Aru, “the Italian champion”.

          Do journalists always meantion Irish/Irishman when referring to Martin? Yes.

          But it’s really no different to other riders.

          • David9482

            Exactly… and people should check out the tagline that’s always now added to Lance Armstrong mentions, haha. Every article with Lance Armstrong includes, “the former 7-time Tour winner who had his …. stripped… after USADA’s Reasoned…. Oprah….”, haha. It always takes 2-3 paragraphs.

    • Neil Martin

      ….and your point is?

      • HamishM

        It’s bad writing?

        • Bones

          The exact opposite, it is good writing. It’s another way of depicting a person without having to repeat their name. If you read the first 2 sentences of the story and replace Irishman with Dan Martin the reading gets repetitive. Did you notice he was referenced as Martin in the third sentence, leaving out the first name? So the author used three different terms to refer to Martin. That’s done intentionally and some of us actually appreciate good writing technique.

          • Shane Stokes

            Thanks Bones – that’s exactly the reason. It’s to avoid repetition by using other terms to refer to the same person. Thanks for mentioning that.

    • choppy

      because irishmen are funny, so it is a pre warning that what they are quoted as saying in the article could be a joke!

  • kamil krulis

    Dan Martin seems more Flondrian than Irish.

  • Attention2Detail

    Didn’t realize Martin was a domestique for Froome. Nothing like Karma-you slow the race so Froome can catch up, but he leaves you like the bitch you are when you crash. That was classic. And what kind of pussy says I just want a podium position? No wonder Martin hasn’t ever won.


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