How the hills and eclectic bike culture of L.A. inspired a cycling brand

We’re pleased to be featuring the latest release from Angeles Creative, exclusively at the CyclingTips Emporium.

The CyclingTips Emporium exists to offer a platform for new and interesting cycling brands to share their story with our loyal CyclingTips audience.

We regularly feature larger apparel brands — such as MAAP, Pedla and Pas Normal Studios — who produce multiple collections each year with key new styles and looks. Though what keeps these more established brands developing unique designs is the constant pressure from a raft of creative and motivated small producers. The ease of access to cycling apparel manufacturers means quitting your day job and starting a cycling brand in today’s open market doesn’t seem out of the realms of possibility for any cyclist with a passion for design.

However, with the seemingly endless number of new cycling apparel brands, few stand out from the crowd and even fewer go on to create a recognised brand and sustainable business. So, when a new brand leaves an impression there’s always a good reason.

One such brand that caught our eye recently is Angeles Creative. To announce the launch of their latest collection exclusively through the CyclingTips Emporium, we caught up with the founder of the Los Angeles based brand, Scott Moore.

Scott Moore Angeles Creative

“Angeles Creative has been around for about a year and a half now. I think anyone who starts a business in the cycling industry does it out of their passion and love for cycling; the same applies to us,” says Scott.

The brand is based in the San Gabriel Valley, which is on the east side of Los Angeles County adjacent to some of best roads in L.A. like Glendora Mountain Road, Mt Baldy, and Crystal Lake. It’s no wonder creativity comes out of such a beautiful location.

“The cycling culture in L.A. is very eclectic. There are mountains in our back yard that yield hundreds of miles of winding roads and single track which attracts all types of riders. L.A. is a melting pot, full of so many incredible cultures and people. The bike culture luckily also reflects that. For us, it’s great to be exposed to so many different styles and philosophies on cycling,” says Scott.

“Angeles Creative is named after the Angeles National Forest where the majority of the brand contemplation happens and inspiration comes from,” says Scott. “There’s something special about the forest. It’s like a living museum. It serves as a reminder that in the grand scheme we’re nothing but a small blip on a massive timeline.”

Angeles Creative Pacific Layers Jersey Front
Angeles Creative Pacific Layers Jersey Back

Riding and racing for 15 years, and with a background as an exercise scientist/kinesiologist, the brand is led by Scott. He has the help of a few key brand advisors who provide product feedback and testing, but it’s Scott’s intention to keep things small and focus on producing affordable apparel in limited runs.

“We keep things small so we can have the opportunity to make things for people like us,” says Scott.

“Whilst L.A. has a thriving bike culture that we love, I’m also conscious it is known as a place where expensive products are rapidly consumed for vanity and it’s things like that that really turn us off. I think this distaste is what’s influenced us the most and keeps us determined to stay grounded. Products are only produced if we would wear them ourselves and affordability is an important part of our process.”

In its short history, Angeles Creative is known for creating a mix of simple, refined designs, and progressive, colourful patterns with every collection. It also works with select local clubs and teams to create and produce their kits, including the latest kit for Deux North, ‘Hunt 6’.

Today, we’re pleased to be featuring a new collection from the brand, including their latest iteration of their popular KOM Hunter kit — a satirical yet serious take on a kit designed for one purpose, beating your mates and claiming KOM (King of the Mountain) segments on Strava … Trust us, this is a serious pursuit.

“The brand is all about adventure and self discovery. KOM III is the latest iteration of our KOM hunter series. The KOM hunter is the physical manifestation of a mindset; a way to get you into the mood to crush a segment or group ride,” says Scott. “KOM III takes on the same pattern we’ve used in the past with the latest iteration featuring grey and black tones for a stealthy feel on and off road.”

Of interest to us is the addition of two new ¾ sleeve length options, a jersey feature we haven’t seen much of before.

Angeles Creative KOM III 3/4 jersey
Angeles Creative KOM III 3/4 jersey back

“The idea for the 3/4 sleeve came out of frustration with changing weather,” says Scott.

“It eliminates the need to constantly move your arm warmers up and down as the temperature changes or use valuable pocket space to pack them away. It’s perfect for early morning starts where it’s only cold enough for warmers at the beginning or afternoon rides that lead to cooler evenings.”

“This jersey is also at home during long days in the mountains since temperatures fluctuate with each climb and descent. The 3/4 sleeve jerseys is made out the same mesh used for the short sleeve jerseys, replicating the same great moisture transfer and cooling effects.”

You can find the brand new collection from Angeles Creative, exclusively at the CyclingTips Emporium for a limited time.

This content was written for the CyclingTips Emporium.