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  • Bärlach

    Uran is an experienced rider and a fighter too. Let’s see what happens. Go Rigo go!

  • Igdon Heath

    Thanks for detailed analysis. I think Uran would be a popular winner of a podium place. One quibble: no mention of the back-tracking by the race jury on the time punishment initially imposed on Uran and a couple of others? Maybe the story was written already?

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Does anyone in the pro peloton dislike this guy? He’s like Chavez, seemingly always smiling and friendly. BTW, whatever happened to Chavez, hyped a whole lot more than Uran in the run up to the start of LeTour?

    • facespaz

      he’s been recovering from a big injury and didn’t have much racing kms this season. seems like he’s using the Tour to get his legs back, maybe for the Vuelta.

    • Nick Clark

      Chaves wasn’t hyped at all in the lead up – Orica have made it clear for a while that he’s recovering from injury and not seriously targeting GC

  • reippuert

    Uran is my favorite for the final yellow jersy in Paris. He is riding bescrite and appers to follow any wheel efforless this year.

    He has never climbed this well, he has more punch that anyone of th GC favorites (= bonus seconds), he copes very well with the altitude on Galibier and izzoard and i think he will do very, very will on the Marsailles ITT.


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December 13, 2017
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