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Photo Gallery: Highlights from the 2017 Tour de France

Dusseldorf, Germany to Champs-Élysées (Paris) :: 3540 km

  • disqus_U85waxYyKN

    Great pics, Amazing even. World Press Photo contender for Clauldphoto s Stage 2 crash IMO
    I viewed other sites tour photos and i t almost looked like a different race and place. Your team are the best of the best, I hope your paying them well.
    I will join Veloclub soon. I promise!!

  • Secret Sam999

    The crash photo is astonishing, but I love yhe Martin/Yates one.

    • pedr09

      Martin/Yates photo is my fav too. Funny with all the beautiful shots of the scenery and action that the most interesting one is with two guys sitting next to a bus sharing a few thoughts.

  • Bärlach

    Stunning photos!

  • Andy B

    I wanted to say “Such a beautiful sport” until i got to Aru’s face
    Great memories and summary of the journey

    • Luke Bartlett

      Aru’s Wallace and Gromit grimace feat. hairy chest

  • jms

    Glad Tony Martin’s “commitment photo” didn’t make the cut….
    For those that missed it: https://cdn-cyclingtips.pressidium.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Kramon_TdF17_st20_7985.jpg

  • Marcus J

    Beautiful photos telling a magnificent story. Thank you.

  • roklando

    great pics! Uran and Martin are just legends, and that photo of Porte is tough to watch.

  • Incredible photos all. Thank you!


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