Photo Gallery: Highlights from the 2017 Tour de France

by Evan Hartig

Photography by Cor Vos, Chris Auld, Gruber Images, and Kristof Ramon

The many facets of the Tour de France make for a subject matter that’s completely dynamic, filled with the emotions and pain of sport, picturesque landscapes, chaotic situations, and even humor. An eye familiar with the sport, behind a lens, can produce images that make us feel empathy, awe, and admiration.

Sometimes these images let us understand the plight of the racer — the visible pain in faces and wounds, the grimace of a mountain ascent.

Sometimes we’re placed at a perspective of greater appreciation of the environment — a helicopter shot of a vista, or a high alpine view.

But always, these images solidify all the things we so deeply appreciate about the sport.

Below is an extended gallery of the images we feel most accurately represent the 2017 Tour de France. They’re not all photos of post-up celebrations, because elation isn’t always the reality of the sport. Neither did we exclusively choose painful, or controversial, images, because joy and excitement are also significant factors in bike racing.

This gallery is meant to reflect the entire spectrum of emotions felt during a 21-stage Grand Tour, captured by Kristof Ramon, Ashley and Jared Gruber, and Cor Vos.

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