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  • Burgrat

    I really enjoyed this story and your videos. What an adventure! Thanks for sharing it and stay safe!

  • Ryan S

    Perhaps one of the few times the word “epic” isn’t over used!

    I’m heading on a 4-day trip later this year, but I can’t decide if I should book hotel rooms for every night or go old-school with panniers and a tent. The route is planned down to the mile and I’m leaving enough time every night for a little local exploration, just not sure what I want to do. The cost of buying panniers, lightweight tent, etc works out about equal to cost of hotels…

    • CR

      For whatever it’s worth, my friend and I just did a 2 night, 3 day trip. Granted there was a lot of climbing, but not having the extra weight of camping gear on the bike made it even more fun. We only brought overnight clothes, extra kit, and tools – everything in one Apidura saddle pack. We did Airbnb, which are much cheaper than hotels (at least in America), for both nights and it was a blast.

      This was a great read.

      • Ryan S

        That is similar to my thoughts as well…not lugging all the weight, and having a warm shower, soft bed, and air conditioning (will be hot and humid) sounds better than slugging it out at a sandy camp site. I’m planning on bringing just one change of regular clothes to go out and eat, explore, and that I can sleep in – then wash one bike kit every night. It’s flat but windy where I’m riding (extended version of Florida’s Forgotten Coast) and there will be cities with bike shops throughout, so I’m thinking no need to go overboard with tools and spares, maybe just a spare tire, several more tubes, couple extra chain links, lube, etc, in addition to a normal tool kit with frame pump. How far did you average? I’m planning on 80-100 miles/6-8 hours on the bike a day, which would leave enough time for exploring and relaxing in the afternoon, but wondering if I should up mileage and cut a day out.

        • CR

          We were in the mountains of Western North Carolina, climbing about 5,000 feet a day. With stops, we were probably enroute for about 6-7 hours a day. We were doing between 55-80 miles a day. Here is the Strava, if the links works: https://www.strava.com/activities/1032297484

          I think 80 – 100 miles a day in FL sounds just right and so does your gear list. I brought extra kit, but ended up washing and wearing the same one every night. We were on the road by 9 or so (we both have kids and are used to getting up early) and to our destination around 3 – 4 with a lunch stop in there. We also stopped a lot to get in creeks, drink beers, and other fun things. Bike packing is a blast for sure.

  • Jorge Guerra

    What Burgrat said :)

  • Pete

    I thought your story was great and your perseverance even better. The only comment I would like to make is that getting out of your comfort zone can catch you out. Getting lost and having no bed to sleep in is one thing but never get yourself in a situation where you have no food or water. Things go wrong pretty fast when your dehydrated and exhausted. It’s always better to stop before your forced to. You can make up the miles the next day.


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