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  • Rowena

    This is very sad, but I understand the need for small business to reach a wider field.

  • Cruz er

    It’s sad that Colavita cannot stay with the pro women. It’s obvious Profaci is passionate about it. I really wish the sport could find a way to keep sponsors like this, to help grow womens cycling in any capacity they are able.
    It’s a real shame to for the sport to loose them.

    Kudos to Colavita for developing great cycling.

  • Anne-Marije Rook

    15 years is a long campaign. Their sponsorship dollars made a lot possible for these women.

  • David9482

    This sucks, you wish there was some mechanism to help team managers transition from one sponsor to another.

    I raced against the men’s colavita a decade ago and it is sad to see them go.. cycling needs a better financial model.

    Thanks to Colavita for their support over the years.

    • Bones

      Your right, cycling needs a better financial model. It’s the only professional level sporting event that a spectator can attend for free- that I know of. Whether it is an ‘event surcharge’ that cafes. restaurants, hotels ect. charge during the timing of an event that gets passed on to the cyclists?

  • jh

    This is sad news. I have purchased ONLY Colavita OO for the last dozen or so years and love the brand.

  • Oldan Slo

    Went out and bought a bottle of Colavita during my weekly shopping trip. Thanks for the 15 yrs.


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November 20, 2017
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