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Mosaic custom titanium strider
  • slowK

    Both the description and photo of his toddler’s reaction are priceless.

  • Ilana Glazer

    What kind of helmet is the daughter wearing?

  • caliente

    Pretty sloppy tape job on those grips. Not impressed ;)

    • badhombrebigdo


  • caliente

    Soooo, how much does it weigh?

    • James Huang

      I should have known someone would ask that…

      • caliente

        Just gonna leave us hanging?

        • James Huang

          Sorry, that was more in reference to the fact that I didn’t have my scale with me when I shot the photos. I’ll ask Sam, though, and see if he’s got a scale at home! Because clearly, people want to know…

          • caliente

            Thanks James :)

  • jgrosser

    A proper kids balance bike should have a very tight limit on how far the steerer can move so as to avoid jacknifing. The picture above shows the front wheel turned perpendicular to the top tube. Fail!

    • Cruz er

      ^ Haterade. The drink of chumps.

    • caliente

      How is a kid supposed to do tailwhips!?

  • Alex

    Nice work Sam, now my daughter is going to want one!

  • Nitro

    The most ridiculous, over the top, stupidest, idiotic, beyond awesome, totally fantastic, smile inducing, damn-why-didnt-I-think-of-that, upliftingly wonderful bike review ever to be seen on this site.

    Having just read / commented on an article about Mr. Armstrong, I can only conclude that the world needs more people like Sam Johnson and more companies like Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles.

    CT – Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity…

  • Wily_Quixote

    You do realise that the stem is not slammed?

    Shame, CT, shame……..

    • James Huang

      In my defense, this photo shoot was done before the rider had their full fit consultation done (after which, surely, the stem would be fully slammed and all unnecessary spacers removed).

  • Robert Merkel

    He’s going to be peeved when he realizes that titanium is supposed to be a person’s last bike, not their first…

    Seriously, I hope this bike provides joy for generations of children to come; and if they do decide to make a few more, please let us all know.

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    If you had the means to spoil your kid (or grandkid) with something like this (and we’re pretty sure the kid’s college fund was not diverted for this project) wouldn’t you do the same? The kid will be an angry, sullen teenager soon enough, so a parent’s got to have fun with the kids while they can, no?
    (cut and pasted from my post on the Merckx custom “kids” bike piece that is linked to this one)

  • George Darroch

    With those wide clearances (are those 42mm?) this would make an excellent CX / all-road bike. Nice versatile thinking.

    • George Darroch

      And with that geometry, it would probably also support downhill.

  • Simon Wile

    I love this so much :D

  • Cliff Cini

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/641fb4a46d7b7f961e87562902b08003ad89f3d75f089d1419b3e333ad73d1cd.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/977ce651a35400f584162c1af6ea73ff97a8d999ee61a68d14b9ffea7f6560dc.png Nice work Sam! I really understand it mate, I did this for my 3-4yo who had lots of energy to burn and wanted to put something in front of him that would catch his attention.. well about 600kms later over the next couple years seems to have done the trick!
    This XDS retrofit took me ages.. but worth every minute, will have to hang it up for the grand kids now, my sons younger brother has only just grown out of it.
    Ps. Check out the pics attached :)


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