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December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
Santa Cruz Stigmata
  • marc

    swoon – awesome bike.

  • My only concern with getting a capable gravel bike like that is that I wouldn’t ride all my other bikes anymore. As he says, 5 days out of 6 he is on the Stigmata. And that’s with a Breakaway in the garage!

    • Yup, that’s exactly what may happen.
      I have a Crux with Sector 28mm tyres set up tubeless at 40psi and that does nearly all my riding now. Around town, on and off road, even quite technical MTB riding. The full sus and the hardtail mostly gather dust in cellar. I do fancy a pure ultralight road aero bike, but as most of my road rides involve gravel/dirt/farm tracks, that would see much use either, other than on road only club rides. Something I’ve only just started.
      I don’t seek out rough roads by the way. It’s just that I’m riding all the places I’ve not visited before as part of this challenge http://blog.veloviewer.com/veloviewer-explorer-score-and-max-square/ and as it turns out there are a huge amount of dirt/gravel roads in the UK. It’s just that both MTBers and roadies ignore them as they are too boring/too rough for each of them respectively.

  • George Darroch

    Goodness this is a nice rig. Most of the time I admire these bikes in an abstract way, but this frame set up this way is an inspiration.

  • D0rk

    When this bike/color scheme first came out, I had to have it. It’s the best bike i’ve ever ridden, and it still gets complements on a regular basis. It’s a great do-all bike, very well balanced geometry that works for road, gravel and CX racing. It’s to the point that the only reason I touch my road bike is when this bike is too dirty/crusty with organic matter and I was too lazy to clean it.

  • Russell

    Great story. Very easy to relate to now that I am a parent as well. Thanks James!

    • James Huang

      Thanks! I’ve known Nico personally for quite a while, and had you asked me a few years what I thought of his training schedule, I would have said that he was nuts.

      I have a 3yo at home myself now, though, and have definitely done my fair share of early-morning rides this year. It certainly feels good when I’m able to get a ride in and yet still be home before my kiddo wakes up. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/de1010e264a91af320c61bd3cf5132844b28e517eef1a738915a6638a8f4b63a.jpg

      • slowK

        You guys are lucky. Ours would wake up at 4.30am but then stay up.

  • Benjamin Arians

    Very nice piece, especially with it not being about someone who spends ridiculous amounts of money on a bike as a status symbol. A well thought out, serviceable, and practical ride that also looks great.

  • AMac

    Love the Stigmata, possibly the most versatile bike out there (along with the OPEN U.P.). Mine is set up as an XC/CX dirt shredder with 42mm tread and a 38T x 10-42 one-by drivetrain and it rips on all but the gnarliest trails. Such a fun bike!

  • Steel

    I remember seeing one of these on the roof of a car passing my car on a trip up to bright. It just stood out so much I had to catch up and have another look. It’s a really striking design. Love it

  • cycletwist.com

    Nice read, slowly falling in love with gravel bikes.

    • James Huang

      I think of good gravel bikes like rally cars: pretty damned fast on any kind of road, not just paved ones.

  • Warren Walker

    Shameful, looks like there is some dirt between the fork and caliper. If that was my bike??? Lol.
    I often ride early morning, year round even in below freezing temperatures, It is great I agree, Spectacular sunrises, little traffic, just 3 or 4 of us.
    Then have a coffee before heading for breakfast or off to work.

December 15, 2017
December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017