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Bowman Cycles Layhams
  • Avuncular

    Lovely bike, very practical and similar to my custom made Gellie (Zona and Life). I’m not fussed by the weight of steel over carbon as a well designed all day frame ie low BB, extra tyre clearance, longer wheelbase and slacker angles makes it a joy to ride . Having the ability to run 32s (mine takes 35s) should make it fun on dirt too. What’s not to like?

  • Keir

    We’ve been using KVA stainless tubing on our frames for quite some time and our framebuilder Tarn Mott suggested a combination of Spirit for the front triangle and KVA stainless for the stays as per usual. I believe that frame was the best frame we have built so far. Coupled with a lugged steel fork using Columbus straight blades it is a beautiful handling machine. I was able to compare both bikes as both were basically the same build both using Chorus 11 and a similar wheelbuild. My advice with a custom stainless build or mild steel build is to have the builder build you a steel fork as well. Together they really enhance the handling. Yes you give away a bit of weight but the roadfeel and ability to absorb is something else.

    Mclennan Cycles

  • Wily_Quixote

    Beautiful and practical bike but I have to wonder why it doesn’t have disc brakes. I really don’t want to get into an argument about disc brakes here (yes I know that rim brakes work and it’s a conspiracy and they look great etc etc).
    But, given the constraints on tyre size created by rim brakes on this bike, I wonder if this does this great frame out of the versatility that, as a training bike, it might otherwise have.

    • Will McBeath

      It will be released this year with discs also. A little disappointed with the review to be honest. Not so much the review itself but the bike. I had high hopes for this and was intending to get one this winter. Alas, it doesn’t seem to even be close to race bike handling. Dodgy mud guards and a caad12 instead i guess

      • Wily_Quixote

        I doubt if the CAAD 12 will disappoint you.

      • Cliff Nichols

        I’ve got the alu Bowman Palace R and its got pin-sharp handling and rolls really comfortably on 25s.

    • James Huang

      Given the bike’s stated intent, I agree that discs would have been a more obvious choice. But that said, I have to assume that Neil Webb knows his home market better than I do, so I would have to think that he had a good reason for introducing the rim-brake version first.

      • Wily_Quixote

        Yep, my impression of British cycling is that the ‘winter bike’ is a bit of a tradition. If this bike is targeted at that group than they might well prefer rim brakes.

        It looks like e bike manufacturing market is really seeing a tension between appealing to traditionalists and, at the same time, adopting emerging trends, such as larger tyres.

  • TypeVertigo

    Really clean, and a refreshing example of a stainless steel bike that opts to wear a bit of paint. And what a nice lick of red paint it is.

    Add my vote to the disc brakes camp. That said, the Grand Cru calipers look really stout. They look like they belong on this particular rim-brake frame.

  • Alex L

    The misalignment of the chrome on the seat- and chainstays with the rim upsets me greatly.


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December 13, 2017
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