Canyon Bicycles USA officially open for business

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After years of consumer anticipation — and a few additional months of delay — Canyon bicycles are forbidden fruit no longer to American buyers.

The German consumer-direct bike brand finally opened up operations in the United States and quietly began taking orders with a soft launch the morning of August 15.

Canyon USA’s initial range of offerings is quite diverse, covering the road, mountain, gravity, and triathlon segments (but omitting some other ones, such as commuting), along with a select range of clothing, accessories, and components.

The current U.S.-specific catalog cuts Canyon’s typical list of models by roughly half — with some models also being custom tailored to suit regional tastes — but according to Canyon USA president Blair Clark, that number will increase as the operation expands.

“We opened up with a fraction of what we’ll eventually have,” he said.

Canyon’s operations in Europe underwent a painfully public hiccup last year after a software change prompted longer-than-expected delivery dates — and plenty of unhappy customers.

Those issues have been supposedly been remedied since then, but Canyon USA is taking no chances with a similar scenario. Whereas customers in most other Canyon markets can place pre-orders for bikes that are pending or currently out-of-stock, the U.S. system will only show bikes that are currently available.

Clark says that turnaround time for those bikes will be exceedingly speedy, too, with orders placed before 1pm (Pacific Standard Time) being shipped out same-day, and all others heading out the door the day after.

In theory, this means that a customer could potentially order a new Canyon at lunchtime on one day, and then ride it on the lunch ride the next. All bikes will be fully tuned and only partially disassembled inside the company’s clever BikeGuard cardboard case, and all orders will be processed via FedEx.

All bikes will be covered by both a 30-day return guarantee and a six-year warranty — although Clark says that Canyon USA is striving to minimize any issues down the road with a more thorough initial ordering process.

“We have a really well trained and staffed inside sales team that spends eight weeks on technical training, not only by our German colleagues, but also SRAM, Shimano, and our various suppliers,” Clark said.

Warranty and service issues that do crop up, however, will be handled either with return shipment to Canyon USA’s headquarters in Carlsbad, California, or facilitated locally by “select mobile bike-repair services.”

Shipping fees for complete bikes range from US$89 via FedEx Ground to US$150 for overnight service. Framesets and cases are slightly less expensive to transport at US$75-90, while parts and accessory orders will range from US$6-11.

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