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  • Carlos Flanders

    Some extra questions: How’s about a pic of the internals? Is the hammer a true direct drive or are there belts to warm up and that need tensioning like the kickr (which is not direct drive). What powertap technology is used? I have the Magnus and I’m not aware of any strain gauges on it. Please enlighten. Also on my Magnus, any grade above 3% is unrideable. It cannot handle low wheel speeds and feeds back too much brake. Shouldn’t have to set the difficulty to 25% in order to make a virtual ride possible. Have you encountered this?

    Thanks for all the insights and comparisons regarding tire size and pressure – very interesting. My compliments on a solid and critical review.

    • I can’t comment on the internals or the Powertap technology. Hopefully somebody from CycleOps will be able to share some details.

      As for your experience with your Magnus, I’d encourage you to make sure you have installed the latest firmware. It may make all the difference.

    • CycleOps Eric

      As Matt mentioned, be sure that your firmware is up to date on the Magnus the link below will provide you with a step by step guide if you are unsure. Also remember to ensure that you calibrate the trainer often, ideally this should be done before every ride.


      As for the Hammer, there is a belt that drives the flywheel, similat to nearly all other direct drive trainer with the exception being the Neo.

      • Carlos Flanders

        Thanks Eric. have already updated firmware twice.

        If the Hammer has a belt it’s not direct drive. Makes it much more sensitive to use and requires more frequent and careful calibration.

        • ‘Direct Drive’ is typically used to describe the interface with the bike to the trainer, not how the bike turns the flywheel. Sure ‘Direct Mount’ may have been a better marketing term, but ‘direct drive’ is what has been adopted.

          • Carlos Flanders

            Yup, it’s a sloppy term. I was researching the Hammer (and other trainers) for a teammate and wasn’t able to find out whether it was true “Direct Drive” or indirect “Direct Drive”. The marketing materials are very vague about this.


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