Lumiere tell us about their new team and latest kit.

We’re pleased to introduce the Dot Stripe range from Lumiere at the CyclingTips Emporium.

Lumiere is an Emporium favourite, having previously showcased several collections on the CyclingTips Emporium since their launch in 2015.

2017 has been a period of revitalisation and growth for the brand — most prominently with the recent unveiling of the Lumiere X Standert team. Brand co-founder Matt Robertson explains the team’s origin. “The idea started post-ride, over a milkshake and a doughnut no less! We always wanted to continue to push the brand and the obvious next step was to collaborate with a boutique frame builder.” After reaching out to Max von Senger, the founder of Berlin-based Standert Bicycles, a connection was made, with both brands quickly identifying shared aesthetics and values.

As a brand, Lumiere has always been built around relationships; indeed, two of the three people behind the company, co-founders Joe and Mireille Oberholster, are married. It’s fitting, then, for the team roster to reflect the brand’s family dynamic, peopled by a mix of early adopters and close friends of Lumiere — a kind of ‘thank you’ for their continued support of the brand. “We will ride and race together as a team, sharing our experiences and gaining feedback of existing and new products,” Matt says. “We strongly believe that the team we have assembled share our love and passion for the brand.”

The team will be kitted out with Standert frames constructed and painted in Italy, built with the latest Shimano Dura Ace 9100 and Pioneer Power Meters. They’ll be resplendent in the new team paint scheme, an homage of which is now available in kit-form through the CyclingTips Emporium.

“The Dot Stripe design draws from the team colours to patterns developed during the design process,” says Joe. “We took inspiration from the hard lines of the designs with the dot being the end point or culmination of the build process.” It’s a classy ensemble, featuring a mix of muted pinks, cream and blues — a distinct look that both follows and furthers the established Lumiere aesthetic.

It’s not just with the launch of the team that the brand family has grown — Joe and Mireille have also welcomed their second child into the world. And even with the births of a baby and a cycling team, life for Lumiere goes on in the last year alone, the brand have released ten new short sleeve jersey designs, three new long sleeve designs and heavily expanded their range of socks and accessories. It’s been a busy 12 months.

Less visually obvious but of key significance when it comes to comfort is the major overhaul that certain key items have received. In consultation with a trusted selection of existing customers, the female bib shorts have been redesigned from the ground up. “Since we released the new bibs last month, we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our customers,” explains Matt. “The redesigned bibs utilise new triple seam stitching which gives a much more uniformly compressive fit. We have redesigned the bib braces using a softer mesh fabric, and we have incorporated the latest female specific performance chamois from Elastic Interface.”

So what’s next for Lumiere? More of the same, but better. “We still have the same fundamental goals and beliefs as when we started the brand. We want to continue to produce premium apparel that is distinctively different to what else is available, all whilst continuing to listen to our customers to constantly improve and expand our range,” Matt explains. “We push ourselves to keep moving the brand in this organic direction we started with.”

This content was written for the CyclingTips Emporium.