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3T Strada
  • Ant

    Hi can you check out Q36.5 clothing Thanks great stuff

    • Spider

      Can you ask them to not put fluro green and orange on everything please! :)

      just a little subtlety please

      • dsd74

        Their subtlety is one of the reasons I like them! No garish designs, and barely noticeable logos.

        I also like orange, so those accents suit me.

    • SprintFinish

      Best stuff out there

  • Chris Carpenter

    Try the beer, Rothaus: very tasty! Plus Cannondale if possible.

  • Roel

    Ritchey Outback such a nice bike but why post-mount calipers? It’s 2017, flat mount has become the industry standard.

    • 555

      James, any idea when the Ritchey Outback will make it to Australia?

      • Dave Rome

        No word yet. I’ll ask the distributor.

        • 555

          Thanks Dave and Jame. Appreciate that you can find the time to come back and read the comments.
          As someone else has posted, there is so much stuff in here I really need – that I did not know I needed until this article was published.
          Keep up the good work and great pics.
          I so want a Ritchey Outback ( hey I am in Australia ) with the full Ritchey finishing kit – wheels, tyres, bars,stem, post, etc

          • James Huang

            You’re very welcome! Glad you’re enjoying the coverage.

            As for the Outback, I’ll ask Dave to pack one up for you and bring it back with the rest of his baggage.

            • Dave Rome

              While I can’t help with bringing one back, I can confirm that the Australian distributor (DirtWorks) does plan to bring in the Outback.

    • James Huang

      True, but there’s plenty of post-mount stuff already out there, and I would argue that it’s debatable whether flat-mount is “better” in this application anyway.

  • Kit Lam


  • Josh Saxe

    Curious to see the Vittoria Shoes and Helmets 2018 line-up

    • James Huang

      I’ll try to swing by there on day two.

  • Doubtful Guest

    The 3T bike is a little bizarre with its full-aero frame and single chainring spec — a Netherlands Special. Don’t buy if you climb/descend much.

    • James Huang

      Do the math on a single-ring drivetrain with either an 11-36T or 10-42T cassette. The latter provides a surprisingly similar total range to a standard two-ring drivetrain. Granted, the jumps in between gears with the 10-42T are bigger than many would like to see (including me), but either way, total range isn’t really a legitimate argument against the concept.

      • Doubtful Guest

        You’re right on both counts: surprised at the range with a single chainring and spaced out cassette, but also such large jumps between gears.

      • Jacob Wilson

        If a 1X is just as good as a 2X11 that means everything that’s happened in terms of adding gears over the last say, 40 years has been all just marketing?

        When you’re pushing yourself or trying to ride smoothly in a paceline it’s really nice to be able to change in one tooth increments. The whole point is having more incremental shifting, not gear range.

        • James Huang

          Agreed, hence the “Granted, the jumps in between gears with the 10-42T are bigger than many would like to see (including me)” comment above.

  • Stan Cox

    So much nice stuff. Oh how I wish I was 10 kilo lighter. . . . and 10 years younger. . . . . . . . and $10000 richer

  • literalgarbage

    Is that wahoo climb able to simulate vibrations or rough terrain or strictly smooth changes in grade?

    • Rob

      The Wahoo Cobblr with complementary bags of mud & Fritz is due out next year. Rumour is they are also working on a version that allows a Moto rider to randomly take you out for that ‘real’ World Tour feelz…

    • Simon Wile

      You joke but surely someone there is working on a vibration platform to go under the front and rear that hooks into Zwift etc and replicates the surface for cobbles/gravel etc.

      • literalgarbage

        They’d make one to simulate getting hit in the nuts by a hard pothole, but they’ve already used the name Kickr. Maybe Rattlr is next in line.

    • James Huang

      Strictly smooth changes in grade for now, but that’s an intriguing idea.

      • Youme

        Is it truly smooth? The videos I’ve seen show climbing to be somewhat smooth, but when it goes down, it really janks the front end down and slams to a stop. It didn’t look smooth at all.

        • James Huang

          It seemed pretty reasonably smooth when I tried it (briefly), but also keep in mind that it’s not quite finished yet.

  • danvuquoc

    You guys have the best Eurobike coverage as usual, keep it up!

    • Wily_Quixote

      Yep, just the thing to go with my morning coffee.

  • Marco

    KRU at B3-312 if you get a chance!

    • James Huang

      Got your email! Hope to swing by on Thursday.

  • caliente

    Will Wilier offer the blue/flash-yellow with a set of gold wheels a la Subaru WRC?

    • James Huang

      Oh man, I hadn’t even thought of that, but maybe that’s why I was so drawn to it??

  • Tomer

    I hope the Lezyne new pump head will last this time more then a month, the old design was a piece of S!@#

  • Andy B

    I shouldn’t be looking at this

    • Bärlach


  • killes

    ZIPP never again: i have 404 FC T and my hub broken near spoke and ZIPP plays died bug … never never never … EU support of ZIPP is very bad..no help from their side

  • Warwick

    The podcast on chain lube with Jason Smith and the other guy (forgot his name!) was some of the most glorious bike nerdery I’ve ever heard. He really knows his stuff.

  • Arnel Mariano

    Any announcement from Lightweight wheels regarding their rim width?

    • Dave Rome

      Yes, some of the models have been increased to 17mm internal. I don’t know about the whole range, but I was told the new Meilenstein C Disc wheelset is at this width.


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