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Giro Vanquish MIPS
  • Lach

    Any pics with it on your head?

  • Avuncular

    Noise levels?

    • Alan Walker

      Given the recent research linking hearing loss with wind noise for cyclists, that is an important question.

    • James Huang

      I can’t provide a number for you, but it’s pretty darn quiet (relatively speaking). Even descending at 80km/h, you can still hear the person riding next to you.

      • Avuncular


      • Velt

        Did you notice a difference with/without the visor?

  • Alan Walker

    I’ll look again when
    a) the design trickles down to lower cost helmets
    b) they are available in colours other than low-viz

    • James Huang

      The lack of higher-viz colors is definitely disappointing (especially since that’s about all I wear when given the option). Hopefully some more choices will trickle into the lineup.

      As for the cost, I guess I could possibly see Giro making a version with single-density foam and without MIPS, although that would be counter to their stated goals of offering a safer helmet.

  • If it doesn’t come with a hover board I’m not interested!

  • George Darroch

    Manufacturers are making better and better helmets. This one integrates about three things that were unavailable just a few years back, so it has to be considered in that context. Pricey when considered next to a foam lid, but it does a lot of things very well.

    And it looks cool.

  • Cruz er

    Cool, industrial design look to it.
    With visor, it reminds me of the Casco Speed Airo – even the visor design.
    Looks goofy w/ visor but maybe a good dual purpose helmet for a triathlete or tt/road specialists

    I like it without visor, though. Looks much better than the salad bowl look of the original.

  • Damien

    Hmm wonder how the vents would hold up In 40c + as many of my summer days are in that range


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