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December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
December 11, 2017
Orbea Orca Aero
  • Simon Bird

    Always appreciate the tech reviews from CT; so many other reviews are just regurgitated marketing copy and getting honest opinions is hard to come by. Just wish you guys had time to review every bike :)

  • David

    I used to live in that area, Orbea bikes have always been beautifully made. Does look strange though to see one of their bikes looking so ‘designed’.

  • Don Cafferty

    An observation about the geometry chart for the Aero Orca is that the standover height across the range of sizes appears to be unbelievably low. I wish bike makers would understand that an error in the geometry chart can cause doubt about other details. Admittedly, the rest of the data looks to be “normal”.

  • Richard

    “But nevertheless, Orbea’s claims are quite bold, with an Orca Aero rider saving 27 watts of power over a rider on a standard Orca when traveling at 50km/h, or saving 82 seconds over a 50km-long course at the same (rather unrealistic) speed.”

    I know Orbea aren’t the only ones, but I do wish manufacturers wouldn’t do this – quoting drag data at “rather unrealistic” speeds leads to wildly unrealistic estimates of power gains. The power required to overcome wind drag increases as speed cubed (roughly), so even at 40km/h the aero gains would be barely half the 27W quoted here. And at 30-35km/h (probably a more typical average speed for most potential buyers) we’re talking about less than 10W difference. I know we live in the era of marginal gains, but to me that still seems an awfully expensive way to save a handful of Watts.

    • Stephan Boesser

      ” … saving 82 seconds over a 50km-long course at the same speed” is not only unrealistic, it’s impossible! Because going the same distance at the same speed ALWAYS takes the VERY SAME amount of time. To save time you MUST GO FASTER, in this case 51.166kph. My impression is, the less you know basic math, the more likely you’ll end up in advertising????.
      And you are perfectly right about the rest. Going 50kph for one hour (not downhill, not in a bunch) is something that maybe not more than 50 of the best pro cyclists are capable of. They would not buy these bikes, since they’d have to be sponsored. So who are they advertising to?

    • RaggedRobin

      Yeah but look at the pricing, it’s cheaper than the Madone, Dogma, Colnago… you name it. At the same price as the normal Orca, if someone is on the market at this level of bike then the marginal performance differences DO matter, whether or not they’ll be able to realize it on the road is another thing.

  • Andrew

    Great review!…I’ll add this to the list of bikes that looks somewhat nice but that I’d never want to buy. :P

    • Elliot King

      Me too. It’s a long and distinguished list. Although, I’d love to own a Canyon Aeroad one day . . . . . .

      • James Huang

        That review is coming up shortly! :)

December 14, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 12, 2017
December 11, 2017