Stages Cycling LR dual-sided power meter announced

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The company that introduced the cycling world to the idea of a single-sided power meter has now added a new dual-sided option called the LR.

The new LR dual-sided power meter is based on Stages’ current single-sided technology, adding a second power-measuring pod to the driveside crankarm for individual left-right readings. Claimed accuracy is +/-2% (a stacked total of each side’s +/-1% accuracy claim) and the total added weight is just 35g. Claimed battery life is diminished slightly from Stages’ single-sided units, but at 175 hours (with user-replaceable coin-type cells), it’s still more than sufficient for most users.

In addition to finally providing left-right balance information, the new LR will also display on compatible head units a rider’s torque effectiveness (how much power applied to the cranks is actually helping to propel the bike forward) and pedaling smoothness (a measure of how smoothly power is applied throughout the pedal stroke).

Despite now offering a dual-sided power meter, Stages nonetheless still feels that its original single-sided format is the most sensible option for most riders. According to Stages Cycling global marketing director Matt Pacocha, the new LR should really only be considered necessary for riders who simply want the most information possible, riders who are recovering from certain injuries, and individuals who want to maintain a historical record of biodynamic data.

For those that still feel the extra information is worth the added cost, Stages will initially offer LR built into Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 and Ultegra R8000 cranksets. Retail prices will be US$1300 / £1200 / €1300 and US$1000 / £950 / €1000, respectively, when they become available in a few months. Australian retail pricing is still to be confirmed.

For more information visit the Stages website.

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