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  • MattHurst

    Good stuff, empowering message.

  • Wily_Quixote

    Excellent stuff. I cannot imagine what it is like to put so much pressure on yourself because of your appearance but many cyclists could learn that the sport is more than the narcissistic quest for the right tan line and brand of wheels.

  • Superpilot

    There have been articles here on the fashion of riding. There is a certain aesthetic in road biking, and I guess I was pulled in by that early on. But more and more I am getting the same feeling, fk that tight wound stress about training programs, looks and weight, wear what you want, ride how you want and shred, or cruise! Life is too hard already to be filled with even more arbitrary rules. You do you :)

  • Steel

    Agreed. Great article. If you enjoy the entire world of cycling – commuting, MTB, road riding, GFs, following the pros – then fitting into an aesthetic or body shape just doesn’t matter. But that cuts both ways too. I don’t care if roadies want to cut a certain look either. No need to sneer – it’s actually very practical.

    • Nice series Ella and good point Steel, agreed that you can actually do what ever you want, nobody really cares. Wear your socks at a certain height if you want to or don’t wear socks and wear a singlet and footy shorts if you want to. IT’S OKAY!!

      Single track is fun and more power to you Marley!

  • Jonathan.

    This is excellent. Also, your miniStraggler rules.

  • markpa

    I expect Marley is aware of them but others may not know Fat Lad at the Back also have women’s specific bibs etc…

    • I was copying FLAB’s URL when you posted it! Seems like a generous range of sizes on offer for lads and lasses alike.

  • Stacey Sorgen

    Great message, Marley! I’m a plus size spin instructor who works at some big companies here in Seattle. Where can a girl get an awesome kit that fits? Freakin yoga pants and v-neck t-shirts are my current go-to. Thanks for bringing this all up. I enjoy defying a stupid stereotype and I’m glad and proud to be a woman cyclist and to get these thighs on a bike in front of dozens of people each week! Loved this interview and support Marley Wholeheartedly.


    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Here’s a Seattle based company that makes women’s apparel in more realistic sizing https://www.tonikcycling.com/

      • Stacey Sorgen

        Thank you!

  • lauren o’keefe

    Such a great message!

    Totally get where Marley is coming from. I did the Rapha Womens 100 and I found a photo of me as we were leaving so from behind but all I could think was “look at the fat arse!”, ignoring that fact that I’d just ridden 120kms. I’m trying extremely hard to not criticise the way I look in front of my two year old daughter because I don’t want her to have the same body images issues as I do. But it’s a battle every day because it’s so deeply ingrained.

  • Timiji

    Great messaging. I want some of these stickers, too! For my thighs, my partners, and our daughters!

    • Anne-Marije Rook
      • Timiji

        I went to the site through the story link, but was disappointed to be foiled by the shipping option… USA only. I tweeted and emailed Marley, and within a day she had updated her order form to include international shipping. Not only that, but in the mean time, she had got back to me and offered to send me some stickers even without an order. Thanks, Marley, you rock.

  • Null66

    Cycling clothes prevent injuries.

    They’re available for people of all sizes.

    I like http://www.aerotechdesigns.com/ because they have clothes that fit.

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