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  • John C

    SO GOOD to see Koichi get some well-earned recognition. Thank you! His bikes are beautiful.

    • Doug

      If you ever get the chance to do his frame building course, it’ll give you a even greater appreciation for his work. He is so humble but has done everything in the bike level at such a high level from frame building, designing tubes, being a mechanic to racing. Every frame has so much love and care out into it and at 60 years old he still looks at improving his craft.

      • John C

        I’d love to one day. I’ve got two Yamaguchi bikes that I had made for me ~20 years ago and they’re still perfect.

  • Dan Pickering

    What a legend. Love your work Doug

    • Doug

      Thanks Dan, really happy with the final result!

  • Andy B

    Coool bikes :)

  • David

    Has a quality look to it. Nice.

  • TypeVertigo

    Impressive bikes both. The Oukan actually looks like it’d be comfy to ride long, to my eyes.

    • Doug

      Thanks! I recently took it to a trip in Taiwan and it was excellent. The only downside was the weight trying to climb up the Taiwan KOM which was 3500m of elevation!

  • Winky

    Visually, it’s a disaster with respect to graphics and colours (to my eye). I think it is the red, white and black wheels that I really don’t like. But it is cool to see a TT sloping the “right way” for once.

    • Doug

      I kind of agree with you in respect to being a disaster. I wanted it to maintain a 90’s feel of big, bold clashing logos which is alot for your eye to take in. That’s the 90’s aesthetic to me and the era Yamaguchi was most prolific!

      • Winky

        The deep carbon wheels aren’t very 90’s. I guess that’s my point.

        • Adilos Nave

          Oddly enough, I distinctly recall an issue of Road Bike Action (circa 1993 or 1994) with Yamaguchi test bike sporting Zipp 440’s. Back then they had neon yellow decals and gold hubs. Frame was painted white fading to a purple/magenta with yellow decals. Was the first time I’d see deep-section carbon wheels and I thought they were horrendous!! Interesting how tastes change, isn’t it?

          • winkybiker

            It is funny how tastes change in response to the technology. I recall the first Cannondale and Klein large diameter aluminium bikes and how strange they looked. Years later, steel looks impossibly skinny. Slopey top tubes used to look strange, now horizontal tubes are starting to look old-school. In the good old days, bars were higher, but fast riders rode with bent arms. Today, pros ride with huge drops and straighter arms. Times change.

  • jh

    Looks awesome. Love the fact the top tube doesn’t slope.

  • Winky

    I asked my frame-builder about dropped seat stays like this bike has. He was very much against them, saying the the extra metal you need to strengthen the ST junction just isn’t worth it. He predicted tears for those with poor implementations of this concept. I trust this bike has been done right.

    • Doug

      I hope so too! Am given a bit of comfort in knowing if you build NJS parts for Keirin races in Japan, if any parts or the frame fails, you’re not allowed to have your parts/frame stamped with NJS certification. Koichi is meticulous is making sure everything that leaves his shop is done right.

      One of the things we did in the frame building school was inspect frames from there brands that had failed. It often occurs when corners are cut because the process is rushed. Koichi was proud that none of his thousands of frames had ever failed.

      I think your frame builder is right as it depends on the framebuilders experience.

      • winkybiker

        I’m sure your frame is just fine, Koichi is a legend. There’s no question in my mind that your frame is well designed. That’s not what I’m saying, just that it CAN be done badly. Your example won’t be one of those.

  • Pedro Rocha

    excellent article!

    the bikes have a great look, and once you have a coustom bike, make one it will surely be the best!

    I suggested that if you could write an article with Koichi Yamaguchi bikes, mainly the ones uci non autorize.


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