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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
  • DaveRides

    Fair enough. So long as transfer payments are banned in cycling and there are no Higher Education Contribution Scheme repayments required from sports scholarship recipients who go pro, I don’t see why government funds (this is money from ASC being used to fund the two Greenedge teams) should be used to fund teams whose main result is to place riders in foreign-owned pro teams.

    • jules

      there needs to be a broad review of ASC funding. it’s not right when it results in a body like CA steering money away from the road program and into lower hanging fruit olympic medal prospect events like cycling ballet (I made that up but it could happen)

      • DaveRides

        I do agree that the ASC high performance program funding should be quarantined so it is only spent on the high performance programs it is intended for, maybe spin off the HPU into a semi-independent company with its own board of directors that has no more than 50% representation from CA.

        The CA bureaucracy won’t allow that to happen though, they need to be able to siphon off the funding intended for high performance programs to fund all their other pet projects that lose money. Back when Gary Sutton was the women’s endurance coach, CA was skimming off so much of the high performance funding for other purposes that the only way they could pay him properly was to offer him a testimonial dinner!

        A good example of an expense they could drop would be buying the naming rights for a Herald Sun Tour stage in place of a private sector sponsor. Ironically, this year they had that stage named after their She Rides program – despite the HS race being the only international race of the summer not to have a parallel women’s race!

        I’m not the first to suggest that HECS apply to government-funded athletes who turn pro or get endorsements, let’s make it happen!

  • Hugh Christie

    So does this mean by ‘domestic racing’ they are going to kickstart the NRS again for both women and men and get events back on the calendar?
    Will also ignore the irony of focussing on world championships from next given the recent decisions…

    • Robert Merkel

      If that was the plan, their PR strategy is just bizarre (as various people have pointed out).

      Why not announce the lot at once, and then people could see the good and bad in the whole package?

  • So Orica is ending sponsorship at the end of this year and they have not found a new corporate sponsor… Is Gerry going to cover all of the teams expenses? It looks like they are in a similar situation as JV’s team.

    • DaveRides

      He wouldn’t be covering all expenses, since they do still have their secondary naming rights sponsor Scott and all their various minor sponsors and sponsor-suppliers.

      Starting in 2012 without a naming rights sponsor worked out okay, Orica came on early in the season and stayed for five and a half years.

      Finding a primary sponsor for 2018 will be tougher than the first time around. The brand is weaker after a tough season where they positioned themselves as the smallest big team rather than the biggest small team they were up to 2016, and it’s an extremely poor time to be dumping Backstage Pass which made up such a huge part of the team’s profile.

    • Daniel

      Major concern. They went to Asia with Michelton-Scott to attract interest and have nothing and they have known Orica were out for years now, they were supposed to end in 2016 and extended a year. Not good.


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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017