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  • DaveRides

    Good decision. Hope the CA selectors back it up with another good decision by selecting either:
    (a) Rachel Neylan and Tiffany Cromwell, or
    (b) Rachel Neylan and a young rider for development/experience purposes under item 3.4.2 of the selection criteria.

    Sorry Chloe, too hilly for you.

    Next decision to get right: more specific criteria for 2018 to give priority selections to the riders with the best results from specified races like the men’s selection criteria has, rather than using the blunt instrument of UCI ranking points.

    • Stuart

      Hosking should go along with Cromwell. Do you actually watch women’s cycling? Hosking can climb when it’s not too long or steep. She’s a contender.

      • Simone Giuliani

        Hosking certainly did pull off a pretty impressive win on the hilly Stage3 of the Santos Women’s Tour this year – https://cyclingtips.com/2017/01/chloe-hosking-wins-stage-3-of-santos-womens-tour-spratt-holds-overall-lead/

        • DaveRides

          Let’s keep that in perspective though.
          (a) It was a short stage in the Santos Women’s Tour, more a pre-season shakedown than a properly contested race with a deep field.
          (b) It was undulating but not genuinely hilly. When the TDU finished on the same circuit the next day, it wasn’t deemed worthy of offering KOM points and the stage win went to the pure sprinter Caleb Ewan.

          The Bergen circuit has about 30% more elevation gain than that SWT/TDU circuit but condensed into a much shorter lap, and will be covered a total of eight times rather than three.

      • DaveRides

        Yes I do.

        I also looked at the course and compared it to other road races this year. Did you consider doing that?

        • Stuart

          yep – I’ve looked at the course. She thinks she’s a contender, that’s good enough for me.

      • DaveoAU

        Hosking is absolutely not a contender on this course. It’s bizarre she’s been selected ahead of Tiff Cromwell.

        • Stuart

          I agree Cromwell should have been selected originally but has already said her season is over and she’s switched off after being told she didn’t get selected. Poor first decision but now she’s not interested. Check her Twitter feed for the details. https://twitter.com/tiffanycromwell/status/908404923133546497

  • Jamie

    Those are going to be some TENSE team meeting if the spots are filled, which they should be.

    • But even if this schmazoozle didn’t happen, I’d hope the meeting would have an element of tenseness about it anyway (provided people back the final decision at the end of the day). Because hopefully that means we get the best strategy for the day.

  • Daniel

    Interested to see who gets bidon duties because there seems to be too many who would not be familiar with the role.

    • DaveRides

      Agree, plenty of ‘leaders’ already.

      That’s a good case for selecting Neylan (best non-selected rider to ride for the team on that sort of course) and someone else with good domestique credentials (to suit item 3.4.1 of the selection criteria).


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