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  • Andy B

    That Yellow 7mesh jersey looks like an aquaman costume

    • tj7mesh

      We laughed hard, thanks for this! (Also comes in full black widow / ninja colourway if that helps, haha)

  • OnTheRivet

    I’ll say it again F&%k you Focus bicycles and that stupid motorized road bike. Also, cycling tips people, then minute you start to legitimize those things I’ll STOP visiting this site.

    • bryan


    • Sean

      Don’t you already get dropped by the local postman?

    • Ian

      ….and with that, he adjusted his toe clips and rode off into the distance enjoying the delights off a well-tuned down tube tube shifter set.

      • Larry @CycleItalia

        W bici d’epoca! Of course that gets little attention from the “enthusiast press” since the there’s no big money in selling vintage stuff , hence no advertising revenue, but I treasure the events where I can put on the old wool clothes and enjoy a sort of rolling museum of bikes that are way more beautiful (and ride better in most cases) than the modern stuff. On the other hand, I see no reason to not report on e-bike development – especially as substitutes for cars.

        • James Huang

          Have you not noticed the surge in retro-styled new gear from a growing number of companies? Clearly someone feels there’s money to be made with old (looking) stuff, too.

          • Larry @CycleItalia

            Sure. I’ve seen it, but “retro-styled” is still new rather than vintage gear. Some of it is great like Vittoria’s 1976 shoe, but they also made the original so it’s not a me-too attempt to cash-in on interest in retro stuff. Same with Bianchi – created a new EROICA bicycle but there are plenty of their original machines at every epoca event I’ve attended.
            Meanwhile, coverage of the EVENTS is pretty sparse while some “enthusiast press” outlets openly disdain them. Call me cynical but I chalk that up to lack of advertising potential since so much of the stuff used and sold is truly vintage rather than retro-reproduction and those who participate in epoca events take pride in rescuing the old stuff from a dusty attic rather than clicking on a “buy-now” button.

    • Yetiman

      What an angry little man…..Take a chill pill. Don’t like it, don’t buy one

    • James Huang

      Without question, e-bikes and non-assisted bikes are two distinct animals: one relies solely on human power, while the other packs hundreds of extra watts whenever called upon. As such, riders on both machines should never been pitted against one another in competition, nor should the ride results of both be compared on equal footing.

      But are they both still bikes? And can the two bikes — and more importantly, their riders — still coexist? As I encounter more people who regularly spend time on both e-bikes and non-assisted bikes, I’m inclined to say yes.

      I’m not chomping at the bit to get an electric road or mountain bike myself (although I’ve had an e-cargo bike for the past two years and love it to death), but it’s clear that there are lots of people who are, usually for one simple reason: the damned things are fun to ride. Many e-bike riders are new to the sport, too, and no one would argue that cycling couldn’t use a few fresh new faces.

      For sure, there are going to be some bumps in the road as both worlds figure out how to play nicely with each other, and I’m not going to pretend to know exactly how this is all going to turn out. But regardless, e-bikes aren’t just coming; they’re already here. That’s not an endorsement for their existence on either my part or CT’s. It’s just a simple fact.

      • Rob

        It would also be great for slower riders who may want to ride with faster riders. E.g my elderly dad riding with me and my mates.
        Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I thought cycling was about getting outside and having fun?

    • Rob

      See ya champ! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    • Steel

      The laws in Australia and Europe limit power assistance of 250 watts to 25 km/h. So they’ll blow you away on a stationary sprint to 25 km/h, but will be slower than a normal roadie after that point as there is more drivetrain resistance and mass.

      Of course they can be hacked and the 25 km/h over-ridden, but then that would effectively turn them into a non-compliant motorcycle and make the rider subject to some enormous fines.

      But a great idea for riders who want to take on a community ride event like an alpine classic and need the assistance of electric.

      • Steel

        BTW, the law in the US is very different and most states allow power assistance to 750 Watts which would make them a pretty attractive proposition as a road bike in some situations.

  • velocite

    I’m thinking that that Easton spindle power meter has to be one sided, ie it can only measure power from the non-drive side crank.

    • James Huang

      Correct, same as Rotor’s InPower spindle-based system. Rotor offers a dual-sided power meter, too, but adds a second set of strain gages in the driveside crankarm.

      • velocite

        I’m not a serious power meter user, but my feeling is that there’s no real benefit in two sided. I have Garmin Vectors and while I find the power balance figures interesting to look at once in a while I don’t think they add anything to ride or training management. What do you think James?

        • James Huang

          I think it depends on the rider. Stages seemed to lay out a pretty good argument for and against dual-sided meters when it launched the LR a few days ago.

          • Darren Spina

            I have experience with both single and dual-sided power meters. I really like the DS PM as I have a more dominant left leg and it helps to remind me to pedal with my right more for symmetry. Just my personal preference however I definitely feel there is a place / market for them.

        • Karl

          A distinction needs to be made between single-sided measurement and measurement that integrates both sides. These both differ from dual-sided measurement but one only gives you half the picture. I think the benefits of dual-sided are marginal over full but not-split power, given that no one seems to know what discrepancies are actionable. Single-sided is a bit of a step down though.

  • You know we’ve achieved terminal carbon when you spend 10€ per gram of weight saving over an otherwise perfectly functional standard valve setup.

    • Dave Rome

      Should just clarify that the 1g weight saving is over an aluminium valve stem. Standard tubeless valve stems are typically made of brass and will weigh about 10grams each (in a 45mm length).

      As the practicality, I plan on testing a set of these. Time will tell whether they offer any benefit over aluminium valves (which cost roughly the same).

    • Huy Banh

      I think it’s about time for carbon handlebar tape yeah

  • Stian Pollestad

    That bolt-on aerodynamic drag analysis tool by Argon18, is it measuring speed?

    • Googlezwingtmich

      It measures power.

      • Josh

        I assumed it measured Cda

        • Sean Doyle

          It measures the thickness of your wallet after purchase.

    • ffips

      Measures CdA (among a slew of other things) http://notiokonect.com/

  • Chris_E_Dub

    Nice to see sexism still at work in the marketing industry; women’s kits with “subtle slimming details” (because us blokes are never overweight on bikes) and women only “sparkly” shoes. Damn, I’d wear those Gaerne Stardust shoes!!

    • James Huang

      Agreed. Progress is slow.

      And ditto on so-called women’s-specific colors. They’re just options, dammit, and ones that men shouldn’t feel excluded from using should they choose.

      • Chris_E_Dub

        Unless I’m… sorry, “they’re” a Euro size 46 in shoes ???? I’m just bitter I can’t find men’s slimming kit!

        • Dave Rome

          To be fair, the men’s kit feature the exact same slimming details!

    • Karl

      I was just wondering how painful it would be to cram a 43 foot into a 41 shoe :-)

  • ZigaK

    I would say that gruber assist-ed bikes are way more integrated than the focus e-bike.
    Maybe integrated is not the right word, “looking like a normal bike” would be the right one.

    • James Huang

      With the exception of the battery on Vivax-equipped bikes, which (at least in consumer versions) live in modified water bottles or saddle packs. To match the range of these new-school e-bikes, that bottle or bag would now have to be awfully big.

      • ZigaK

        Agree – but to be honest, 100W additional power from vivax as opposed to 250W from other brands would be enough for a serious cyclist. Hence a regular water bottle battery (=180Wh) is enough.
        Everything said is a hypothetical, I’m not buying an e-road bike :)

        • James Huang

          In terms of providing an unfair advantage, all an e-assist system has to do is provide enough extra watts to overcome the additional system weight. Given the equally matched riders, even a single added watt could do.

          In any event, having ridden e-bikes in other applications, I think most provide more power than necessary. It doesn’t take much to level the playing field between riders that are fit and those that aren’t, but given the expense of e-bikes, my guess is that manufacturers feel it necessary to boost the fun factor to help justify the cost.

          • Cruz er

            James Huang- i’m not addressing this to you specifically, but this thread does raise some thoughts for me. So here it goes….

            The power to level the field with fit riders should not be a measuring stick. I think it is inherently flawed logic, because it assumes people only want ebikes to ‘cheat’ their way to ride with more fit riders.

            After riding ebikes for a while, they are really a different segment with unique benefits compared to normal bikes.
            Yes, one use can be to keep up with more fit riders. This is really perfect for riders who have been injured, recovering fitness, etc and want to still keep up their friends in group rides (just as an example).
            I really think that is a huge positive in enjoying the bike and friends, and not feeling like they can’t go out and enjoy anymore because of (injury, age, fitness, etc). I’ve seen this personally, and thought it was just priceless.

            E mtb’s are a whole different animal and definitely a different riding style than regular mtb’s.

            I think ebikes could have really great advantages for touring, cargo and “workmanlike” bikes that portage a lot of weight.
            The wattage really comes in handy and has real advantages for occaisional riders or riders that see bikes as transportation or as a tool- not as recreation.

  • GH0STP1X3L

    Regardless of the material, Barbieri has some good ideas with their valve stem. Two different seal shapes and a base that secures the seal against the rim is brilliant.

  • jh

    Excellent coverage James. Glad to see Bolle coming out with new shades. I’ve always felt their lens quality and features are on the level with the very best brands, but mediocre frame designs and weak/lacking/ineffective marketing efforts have left them invisible.
    It’s good to see a smaller abus lock but seriously doubt one would actually store in a back jersey pocket.
    Ebikes- Anyone that can’t see the potential benefits, and posts crap like that db did earlier is a fool. Their popularity will inevitably increase the # of riders on the roads is good for the sport.
    Retro-modern. I love the old stuff and will consume any article related to retro or vintage before anything.


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