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  • Richard Durishin

    Rode with my old pair of wrap-around Rudy Project Ekynox shades the other day and marveled – again – at how wonderful they are at managing airflow and keeping dust out of my eyes (particularly compared to the Rydons I use otherwise). Very glad to see these new Rudys. I’ll need to have them make me a pair with bifocals…so I can see that new Garmin screen better while I ride.

  • Avuncular

    I know you are working very long hours but this typo tickled me…”This folding race stand was designed with the help of Team Sky mechanics. The stand can be swivelled, raised and titled – that last feature being very unique for a race stand.” And perhaps appropriate for a team with a few knights of the realm past and present.

    • James Huang

      Ha, I would have left that in there if only for the sake of humor, but Dave requested that it be corrected so alas, it is done.

  • Ansgar Klene

    I´m a fan of the italian SALICE eyewear since their collaboration with Alessandro Petacchi some years ago, resulting in their successfull “006” model. I would like to see, what´s new from SALICE for 2018.

    • Dave Rome

      Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone (available) at the booth to talk to about what was new.

  • mrp33p3rs

    wow…titanium fork… i thought the industry decided that that was a bad idea?

    • winkybiker

      With a weld right at a high stress area. Not for me.

      • MadBlack

        As well as being made in Italy… Receipe for disaster!

    • Cyco

      Looks to have a tapered steerer.

      Much of the industry’s reluctance to make Ti forks in the past has been steerer flex

  • winkybiker

    That there needs to be a tool to straighten bent rotors disturbs me as I await delivery of my first disc-braked bike.

    • James Huang

      That there are countless tools made to straighten bent wheels disturbs me as I await delivery of my next rim-brake test bike.

      • winkybiker

        Fair enough. But wheels on disc-braked bikes can bend as well, making two sources of pain. Why are rotors so flimsy? Are they made from crap steel? Are they too thin? Is the pad clearance so tight that even minor wobbles are unacceptable? All of the above?

        • James Huang

          The fact that tools exist to straighten rotors doesn’t mean rotors are flimsy, just in the same way that wheels don’t spontaneously turn into potato chips just because spoke wrenches exist.

          In general, rotors are made of 2mm-thick stainless steel plate, and good ones hold up quite nicely.

          • MadBlack

            Until they encounter baggage handlers! If you travel centre lock is a must for easy pain free removal.

      • Winky

        It disturbs me, too. I think the way wheels (especially hand-built ones) need so much maintenance to keep them straight is a real pain.

  • winkybiker

    Bike makers branding their bikes with car brands is kind of like sleeping with the enemy.

  • Doubtful Guest

    Beware Sena vaporware. They announced a noise-cancelling motorcycle helmet about 2 years ago that has yet to be released.

  • bryan

    What is the real deal with the FSA groupset? Do they really expect to ever make/sell one? Are they just so far down the development rabbit hole that they have to make a product to hopefully recoup some costs? I just don’t see what the end game is.

    • James Huang

      I just corrected the official availability date after hearing from FSA. Apparently the standard rim-brake version will hit stores in October (of 2017). The disc-brake version is coming Q2 2017.

  • Andy

    Any new road bikes at the Canyon stand? Or word from them when the 2018 models will be released?

    • Googlezwingtmich

      Canyon didn’t have a booth this year.

  • Josh Saxe

    Coolest tools you can find… go!

    • MadBlack

      Check yesterday’s Park tool range. I was aroused! Just want!

  • OnTheRivet

    I have no problem with Electric bicycles for commuting and getting around but what’s REALLY bumming me out is the manufacturers that are trying to ad them to what are essentially road race bikes (can you hear me Focus). There is NO reason for a bike like that to have a motor other than to massage someones fragile ego. Oh and that Ti fork is frightening

  • Ansgar Klene

    ABUS, the Team Movistar helmet sponsor, has announced a new special hot weather or climber helmet called the AVENTOR. I would like to see some details of the internal ventilation and the fitting system.

  • fisao

    My first year of following Interbike here on cyclingtips, and I must say that the presentation of neat pictures with succinct information works very well for me, great job. Thank you for all the (well presented) news.

    • James Huang

      Glad you found us, and thanks for the compliments! This style of presentation doesn’t play the Google SEO game as well as individual articles, but we know it’s better for readers so we’re going to continued to stick to it.

  • MadBlack

    James, great coverage as usual but I have to disagree on the Oakley helmets. They are hideous egg heads.

    • James Huang

      They perhaps look better in person than as I’ve shown them here, but regardless, I’m not overly eager to get one at the moment.

  • lowlander

    Gatorskins getting prominent placement. Yikes.

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